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The Monster in the Cave (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds
Do Barrel Roll (ink-twenty REVAMP) by darkspeeds
Ace Pilot Falco Lombardi (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds
Ace Pilot Fox McCloud (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds
Starfox challenge
Memior of Decay by NobodyX7
Goddess Diana by kridi
Very late inktober by Precia-T
Daniela Oliveira by Oscarliima
Two-panel comic challenge
Ink-twenty challenge: Fishing by EliseBellatrix
Ink-twenty challenge: Lara by EliseBellatrix
Digital special
Bill from Dreamkeepers (ink-twenty digital) by darkspeeds

:star: Two-panel comic challenge! (& sketch-trade winner)

Alright everyone! Time to get your pens ready for the next :iconink-twenty: challenge! 

Everyone loves comics but how difficult is it to tell a story with images?

:star: I want you inkers to think up of a scene that really engages your audience. You are to do it in 20 minutes and with only two panels. :star:

Who here hasn't seen 'The Shining' by Stephen King? If you haven't - watch it. This scene was made famous by Jack Nicholson, the actor. I quickly combined two images from that scene and made it a comic!

Example by darkspeeds

If you are out of original ideas feel free to utilise scenes from your favourite film and reconstruct it into two panels. Try to do it in twenty minutes.

Think about your composition!! 

Always do some warm-ups before you dig in - like this! 

Composition01b by darkspeeds

Compliments to the amazing artists at for the images.

Here's one I did at work during break. 

The Monster in the Cave (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds

Now you try! 

The deadline for this challenge is in two weeks - Sunday, 15th May 2016.

:star: The winner will receive a free sketch from me of their character or a character of their choosing to be featured in action sequence via two panel comic! :star:

Good luck and keep those creative juices rolling!

:star: Sketch-trade winner of Starfox challenge!

First and foremost a big thanks to all of the ink-twenty participants to the Starfox challenge - giving it a go is a huge achievement in itself so give yourselves a pat on the back for taking initiative!

Participants of the challenge have submitted the following:

Arwing in pursuit [Ink20 #01] by leonarstist06
Space Cowboy (ink twenty) by MiffixDo a barrel roll! Ink- Twenty by zeldalegends4525
ink-twenty - Gyrowing by HappyAggro

All of you guys have done a great job! But a winner has to be decided and I have made my decision.

:iconunscreenly: you have won yourself a sketch trade with me! :)

You have not only drawn one of the Starfox characters in action but the way you compose your piece was clear in mind on the concept. 

Well done! Do message me here or by note on what you'd like my to sketch in 20 minutes. Perhaps a cartoon character running away with a sandwich or something, please be very specific! It'd make life easier. :D

In return (as extra practice for you, how about drawing my character Ashworth in any of these poses?

Looking forward to your trade. ;)

:star: ink-twenty REVAMP - 'Do a Barrel Roll'

Here's a very recent contribution from :iconzeldalegends4525: on the Starfox Challenge.

Do a barrel roll! Ink- Twenty by zeldalegends4525

Not a bad attempt! But there are things that can be improved here.

I decided to give it a revamp for educational purposes. This is not an attempt to boost my ego, it is rather an opportunity to teach others techniques that may give them an edge on their next 'ink-twenty' exercise. It is also a chance for my to learn about my own work.

First things first I went to the shops for lunch, too lazy to cook. But on the way I dropped by my local grocery store and wanted to try out a new pen. 

Hey it's on special! Sweet!

P1190541c by darkspeeds

Now that didn't cost me a fortune did it?

Let's head back to the studios and get to work!

P1190541d by darkspeeds

Now just a disclaimer this revamp process did not take 20 minutes, I took my time with it because I wanted to learn from my experience - took me about an hour with edits.

When I looked at ZL4525's work I quickly notice that the perspective was off. So I decided to keep it simple and utilise a ONE-POINT perceptive for my rendition.

First off you need to pick a vanishing point. See the photo below and study what I've presented.

P1190543 1 by darkspeeds

If you studied carefully you will have noticed that at the beginning of my sketch I've quickly outline the rule of third lines - creating nine boxes within the canvas. This will allow me to determine how I'll compose my piece with maximum impact. Ask yourself some questions - what will be my focal points? Will my Arwing appear large in the drawing or should I show the whole silhouette? How will the bad guys be attacking my Arwing? From which direction? Asking yourself questions is a good way to build up your creative curiosities which then leads to better design in your work.

Determine a solution and don't spend too long if you're doing an 'ink-twenty' exercise - your aim is to be spontaneous and go with the flow!

10 minutes into my sketch I ended up with this.

P1190544 1 by darkspeeds

In the end I decided to use TWO-POINT perspective to give me more visual options. Do follow the perspective lines that you've chosen and make sure that you have plenty of visual references around you to create more accurate details on your subjects - in my case they were two characters - Peppy and Fox McCloud (Fox being a focal point) and the Arwings.

After an extra 40 minutes I ended up with a finished illustration that has more visual impact due to the use of bold values and contrast to define my subjects and focal point. I also followed my two point perspective as closely as possible to ground reality into the illustration.

Do Barrel Roll (ink-twenty REVAMP) by darkspeeds

Hope that helps ZL4525 and to all of those who are also joining us on the journey to create amazing drawings with ink!
In honour of Nintendo's latest installment to the Starfox Adventures franchise: Starfox Zero, we are going to dive right into some epic spaceship battles - something they are well known for.

First up, watch this fantastic animated short of the game to get inspired.

Next get your ingredients and your A-game with you.

You ready?

Okay then, this is what you need to draw in twenty minutes (No cheating! Stay disciplined!).


Star-fox-1 by darkspeeds

I did mine yesterday, check it out here! Good luck!

Deadline for submissions is by the 1st May 2016!

I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with - and if you're lucky I'll feature top entries on this blog and the one that impresses me the most will get a free sketch trade of the same challenge with me!

So what are you waiting for? Do a barrell roll!!
If there is any piece of advice I can pass on to you guys to kick start on your first attempt at this challenge it would be this:

Be ballsy and brave!

As soon as you got all the ingredients in front of you, as soon as you are in the right mind-set to draw (yes, you wanna draw ducks I know), no matter what skill level you are at, tap into your inner crazy and just draw away!

Let go of your worries, let go of your fears. Draw like a loose canon, but do it with purpose.

Allow me say it in another way while you're sketching: do make mistakes, do take risks, and explore every stoke you make on your sketch book. Learn from it.
Because every time you hit another page you'll the muscles in your brain will warm up to a conscious and creative level. This is where you'll start to think critically about how you approach your subject in your next attempt.

Give it a go.  

Here are some samples of this bold exercise. I did it both at work (you do know that I work part-time at the casino right?) and at the studios!

My subjects were cartoon characters and I decided to experiment them in different styles. The characters sketched on this exercise included my own original stuff and the familiar.

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
P1190508 1 by darkspeeds
P1190509 1 by darkspeeds

Oh and keep in mind, NO WHITE-OUT, NO PENCIL OR ERASERS. Just ink all the way baby! Good luck!
More Journal Entries

Got what it takes to be creative & achieve results?

Then join me for the challenge and take the 'ink-twenty' initiative!

'ink-twenty' is shorthand for "ink something in twenty minutes". It's fast, spontaneous and truly satisfying when done right.

The three ingredients to 'ink-twenty' by darkspeeds

You can only use ink pens to complete an illustration in 20 minutes on your sketchbook.

I'm still deciding on whether the digital canvas is an option but for now stick to traditional mediums.

Refrain from using pencils and eraser, just dig straight in with pen! This is an exciting part of the exercise because it forces you to think about the choices you make with each stroke. Take risks and make mistakes - it is something to be encouraged!

I will be setting out a challenge or theme every month for you to consider! You can attempt it as many times as you want but you're more likely to be featured if you only submit your best work.

I have a personal goal of inking at least 50 complete illustrations on my sketch book within a year, be sure to know what yours is and start committing to it!

Despite my busy schedule I'll do my best to manage my time to have an active presence. Spread the word on social media and let's have fun and start creating stuff!

Untitled by darkspeeds

Q) Can I use fountain pens? Brush and bottled ink?
A) Of course you can! Whatever feels comfortable, just stick to traditional mediums!

Q)Must I get a sketchbook for all exercises?
A) I encourage that you do! Not only will you look rad sketching with one but you'll end up with a record of your progress, which is really neat to have as an artist. Also, think about this for a moment, when you start to improve on your illustrations and commit to my daily exercises you'll end up with a book full of amazing drawings you didn't even imagine having before! So yes, try to get a sketchbook!

Q)I can't afford a sketchbook or those fancy looking pens...
A) To be perfectly honest some of the best artists out there who use the basic tools can still create some incredible pieces of art from it. It just depends on how well you use them. The only difference with the more expensive varieties is that they give you more options as well as convenience. There is no excuse not to visit your local stationery or department store and get yourself a couple of cheap pens and a basic sketchbook. It'll only cost you two or three Starbucks coffees for 2 x marker pens and a sketchbook.

Q)Okay, I'm ready to improve on my art! What do you suggest for a routine?
A) First off, give yourself a pat on the back, enthusiasm is one of the keys to improving in your artwork - what's the point in drawing when you don't enjoy it at all? Now to be able to improve and see genuine results you really gotta commit in putting the time to learn from your experiences. I suggest that you can complete at least one 20 minute drawing a week. We all have busy lives but really 20 minutes is nothing if you put it in a week's perspective.

If you want to take it up a notch, I highly recommend that you aim for two or more a week. Easier said than done! Now give it a go, starting with today!

Q)Cool! But do I have to follow what 'ink-twenty' has to offer each week/month?
A) By all means no, you are more than welcome to draw stuff outside of the group's suggested daily exercises or mission statement! Use this group as an initiative to get yourself motivated to drawing on a daily basis - that's the true purpose of 'ink-twenty' really.

Q)What inspire you to do this? Who are your inspirations when it comes to illustration?
I'm constantly inspired by the professionals and freelance artists out there who are contributing back to the community with their creativity, wisdom and their time. I was watching a video made by Bobby Chiu who talked about what great artists have in common. In there are some key points in that video that inspired me to make this group.

Also there is an endless list of people who inspire me when it comes to art but just to name a few off the top of my head right now: David Lillie, Tracy J Butler, Brian McDonald, James Gurney, Jason Brubarker, Jake Parker, Chris Oatley, Norman Rockwell, Inoue Takehiko, Feng Zhu, Kazu Kibuishi, Bobby Chiu and all of the awesome instructors, mentors and talented students I've the privilege of learning from at The Academy of Art University.

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