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Muscle Study Sketches-2

**Do not re-post nor put in video (especially YouTube) without my consent---I really seriously about it. After seeing people take someone artwork(s) for the sake of "criticism" but I do not wish to be a part of this nor should do so. Please respect my wishes and thank you.

Feedback would be nice~! :D
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Really good sense of the muscle, but please resubmit to "tutorials and study" folder.
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Wow your studies are very good~
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:O Thank you senpai~! :O
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If anything you would be mine since I can't draw muscles at all, or guys really XD
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I don't even have any to show you lol I think I can count on one hand how many times I drew a guy. well I did one recently but that was based off a stock photo. the others are probably somewhere in my gallery... I think a noodle-limbed OC is the only other one that comes to mind but it was like 5 years ago
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This was a couple months ago.
Screenshot-2018-8-5 Jonny Wolfgangz on Instagram  by Ink-Slasher  
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Oh looks nice, but with your recent drawings I can see that your understanding of muscles has improved quite a bit! :)
I took a look through mine and I have actually drawn more guys than I thought, but they are nearly all form high school so at least 3 or 4 years ago
OC Jonathan by meowkittycat478   Enjoying the Fresh Air by meowkittycat478   Mad Hatter by meowkittycat478
but my most recent was much better, the one based on a photo ref for the pose
DEV 2: Strong by meowkittycat478  
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DUDE! IT'S FUCKING GOOD! I mean. This is truly great. I don't see why it look like noodle. :/ It's better than what I could do from last year. I didn't drew that well in drawing guys.
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I dare you to make a fully colored one >:3
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I can't, don't have a tablet and a digital programme.
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