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Pacifist (Color/Shading)

Here is the final color and shaded version of the Pacifist Undertale design. 

Hope you like it!

The Lineart:…

Time taken (in total) : 8 hrs
Time taken (color/shading) : 4 hrs.
Used: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop Cs5 
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This is so beautiful!!!
Zorbonaut's avatar
Awesome! I love your take on all their designs!
KatrinaIorio's avatar
OH OH OHHH do you think you'd ever do a genocide version of this?
This is amazing! I'm not even an UT fan (haven't had a chance to play yet), but as an indie game developer I really appreciate all the fan art it earns, and all the lovely artist that put the time an effort into their tributes to it. When a game can bring the community together like that, and spark such a powerful fandom, it really is beautiful. Haha I'm so sappy what is wrong with me?
Anyways, this is amazing! And how it only tool 8 hours ... gosh, it would of taken me at least 16. (TT0TT) And your lineart! So clean, and so many details! Hats off to you, good sir. Keep you the great work Ink-River (and RiverSpirit456 Gazing-At-Galaxy, too)❣
unisox's avatar
this is lovely! well done. i don't really like undertale but the fan art is always great.
lceshadow's avatar
This is spectacular!
LoneWolfgirl101's avatar
I love this so much!!!
FizzySpr1te's avatar
Oh LORD this is amazing!
lceshadow's avatar
This is to much XD
wallOruss's avatar
This is awesome!Do you smosh a temmie? 
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Love the story. Great art.
Ask-Regret's avatar
oh river-sensei

such an undertale fan

like many people

but unlike a ton of other people (lol me)
A-A-R-A's avatar
I like San's face and the ghost too! (Side note I have never seen the game what is the ghost name?)
Ink-River's avatar
Napstablook. XD
RoxyAbsinthe's avatar
Man.. the beauty in this is too much to bear. Just so awesome!!!
Atlasuir's avatar
This is so beautiful!! Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 
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