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Charcoal Practice

A charcoal drawing from my Drawing class. It's kind of nice to step away from pen and ink to try something new. :) 

Will be doing more charcoal stuff in the future. ;)
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Sep 8, 2016, 2:55:32 PM
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Wow! Such skill. I start my fist art class eva tomorrow... So not much time left for my self taughtness...
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Wow, this is really good ^.^ I wish I could draw that well. For whatever reason, this isn't getting as many comments as your usual stuff....
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This is still kind of an unknown channel of mine. ^^; My usual audience isn't as into my traditional things. 
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I suppose so... XD Just one question, and thank you so much for actually interacting with your fans!

Do you have any recommendations for how to draw basic human anatomy? Like, is there a video I could watch to help? You don't have to go into serious depth, maybe just point out a video/tutorial online that I could look at? If you don't have any, that's fine XD I just really like your art, and I think you draw humans (and everything else) brilliantly.
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Sorry for late reply. ^^;

Oh man, humans have always been my weak point. For me, I did a lot of quick sketching using this figure drawing site:…

It's an exercise that we did in this week long summer art class I took, and it's honestly extremely helpful. You can look up some tutorials for figure drawing too, to help out with it since it's quite hard at first.

Jazza has some great tutorials on humans and other things:…

Also...I watch a lot of anime/cartoons/I love animation, so I pay attention to behind the scenes and how to's for anime. It just helps to admire what goes into these animated videos, examining each slide to see the positions the characters take. Attempting to animate has actually helped quite a bit, because you're forced to draw a bunch of things that you aren't used to drawing.

Really, learning to draw humans on your own just means a lot of searching for tutorials, lots of references of other artist's styles, and LOTS of practice. You will fail a lot, but everyone does. I know I look back on my older human drawings and just...wince so much. ^^;

I hope this helped a bit. :)
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(You don't have to reply to this comment if you don't want to) 
Thank you so much for the help! I'm gonna keep this in my notifications so when I'm done with all my school work I can go back and try out all of the tips you gave me <3 Thank you soooo much!
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This is incredible! Great job!
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Wow! This is both amazing and stunning River! Great job! 
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