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Artist | Student | Digital Art
i'm a starving artist because, more often than not, i forget that i have basic needs (like food) that i need to take care of from time to time.
What can i do? Gotta love making art! TvT
Now you know everything that's worth knowing bout little ol' me!!

See you around~

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Huh? Expecting something more? Well... there's my
Youtube thingy you might want to see... IDK.

Oh and check Tumblr too if you'd like :D

And if you do like my stuff, consider supporting me on my Patreon! :D



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Alright looks like i delayed this for long enough! Didn't mean, tho.

Anyways, here's a list of comic dubs from my Undertale comics! i promised some people i would put this up but i completely forgot... my bad.
If you dubbed one of my comics but it's not on this list, by all means, note me! i will try my best to put them all here but i may forget some along the way. So, PLEASE, remind me! im a forgetful mug.

Guys, watch these! They're extremely fun to watch and amazingly well done! Let's give them all the love, shall we?

You want to dub my comic? DO IT. JUST DO IT.
But remember to give proper credit and a link on the description of the video, kay? ;) You can also provide me the link so i can add to this list! :D


Shattered Realities Part 1 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 2 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 3 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 4 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]

Reach Out【 Undertale Comic Dub 】by Sans Comic TV [link]

SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 1 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 2 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 3 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 4 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 5 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]

(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #1 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #2 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #3 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #4 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #5 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]

[UNDERTALE] Realidades quebradas (dub PT-BR) by Pequena Friskinha [link]


【Undertale】(undertale RUS DUB Mr Fresh) Manictale №1 by Mr Fresh [link]

ManicTale озвучка (обязательно посмотрите описание!!) by Dust Sans 458 [link]

-Voici le FRENCH!

Undertale Comic Dub FR AU [Manictale] by Alphys Otaku [link]


S - sans what happened to your eyes ?【 Undertale Comic 】by Team Comic [link]
(Not exactly a comic dub but it's awesome nonetheless!)

i am almost 100% sure i forgot one or two in Manictale department... If you find them, or you made one of those that i forgot, TELL MEH OHKAY??!

AAaaah... i feel lighter having this up. Apologies for all comic dubs creators! i completely forgot to create this journal with the links!
But, then again, Mugs don't have brains. So we are allowed to forget things.


Anywho, guys. Hope you enjoy the list! And i hope you're having a marvelous rest of your day!
See ya later my wonderful mugs and teacups!!
love ya'll
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Blue Hope
So! This was an 'assignment' i did a while ago. The idea itself is not mine, but from the brief provided by the teacher (i was watching an online class) as a homework of sorts. i wanted to see if i could read briefs and follow instructions sooooo yea.
Regardless, i learned a lot, had a lot of fun and now landscape painting looks far less intimidating for me!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Insect People (Male)
Painting i did some days ago of a very charming insect dude. i kind of tuned down the insect aspects just so his face could be read as a, well, a face. Maybe in the future i can do one of these but in full bug mode and have more bug\insects elements.

Hell yea
Hey guys (Update)
eyyyy im not dead yet!
Although considering how things are going, i might as well be in the next week or so.
Well, actually, no not really. Unless i die of exhaustion.

Okay, fine, let me explain why i haven't posted any more pages/other stuff in some time.
Thing is: i got a job. At LAST. My first job, mind you, and i looove it. 's nothing fancy, really, but i adore my co-workers and managers. And i'm having a blast of a time in there, despite some negative points.

The worst part of it, however, are the hours. They are not that great, and i usually go in at 2 in the afternoon and finish my work day by 10 pm. Yeah it could be a lot worse and i am thankful for what i have. Still, the hours are long and i do get tired, all the time. 24/7. Even more than before and i didn't do sh*t befor-
ANYWHO. Yeah, that sums it up. And i know that some of you guys might say: "we don't care, give us PAGEHS" and i understand. Really, i do, because when i'm reading a comic online and i run out of chapters, i feel like that too. And the fact that you guys do want more makes me feel so damn happy. i cannot express enough how much it means to me that you guys enjoy my fancomic. Sure, it's not perfect nor professional, but you guys enjoy it regardless, and there are few things in this world that make me more happy than make others happy, specially with my art.

Still, im just one person, just an aspiring artist trying to do my best. i'm trying to work, study, practice art, build my portfolio, my website, Patreon, commissions and so, so much more and 24 hours a day is NOT enough.
i fell horrible that i can't draw as much as i used to, and artistically speaking, i feel bummed out and unsatisfied with the amount of artworks i'm doing (as always).

Also, recently i had an online meeting with a professional artist and we talked about what i should do to enter the industry and whatnot, so... yeah i'll put that on the top of the pile of things i have to do.

Phew, that's another wall of text... um, sorry about that. Also, i dont have the strength to review this, so if you find any mistakes, please just understand that only half my brain is working right now.

But what i really want to say is: Please be patient with me guys. i'm tired, stressed and disappointed with myself, but i WILL try my best as always, and try to get at least one page every two weeks or so, maybe even one a week like it was before. i dont know yet, im still trying to figure it out.

And for those who still don't understand why i can't draw as much as i did before: i also have a life, okay? And a busy one at that. So, P L E A S E  be patient for the love of cookies because am i DONE with those rude people who just demand artwork like there's no tomorrow.

If you're not a rude person, just ignore the paragraph above.

Yeah this is it for now. i have a day of tomorrow so i ill try to work on my art stuff as much as i possibly can.

Thank you for being so understanding, love y'all!

Also, now that i have a job i can invest in some stuff such as a microphone, so i can do some tutorials on youtube and patreon! >v>



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SCP-191-2 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
It's a really cool type of art you're doing, i enjoyed a lot seeing and reading all the little histories of your different AU like manicTale or shattered realities (and reach out).

mind if i use some of your drawing as base or model?
i am practicing a lot with base and model but i feel guilty as hell when i use a drawing from someone else for my base!
also...sorry if my english isn't perfect, i do my best!

OrangeSavannah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Really cool art, keep up the good work! :)
And thanks a bunch for the watch!
UndertaleComicTV Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hi Buddy, We dubbed Your Reach Out Comic Hope you like it. We worked so hard and did the best. Please share to your followers Because It means a lot to us. Thank you so much  and Keep up the good work <3
KoganeMogami Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018
Sorry to bother you, but i have 2 things to say.
First, 2 month ago, i have use on of your art (Manictale cover) despite you have say in the description to don't repost it. I'm really sorry about that.
I have use it because i would to write a sort of little summary about Manictale, and i have post it on the french undertale Amino. I thought speak about Manictale would help you, but i have think about it, and it was silly of me.
I have remove the art from my post.
And here again, I'm sorry.

And the second thing is i would like to write the same kind of summary, but for Shattered realities.
And don't want to do the same error, so i want to ask you before.
I would like to know if i can use the covers of chapter 1 and 2. I don't have find any information about repost it in there descriptions or in your profile, but i want to be sure you are ok with this.
And I'll give you credit of course, but if you not ok with it, i can understand and I'll respect your decision.

I'm sorry if i had bother you, but it was important for me for apologize, and asking you for Shattered realities.

Your a great artist, even one of my favourite, so keep doing your good job.
Hitaka5Ever Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is really fantastic! Keep up the great work!
dantrm Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018
Ink-Mug Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
How u doing today?
dantrm Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018
doin fine you?
Ink-Mug Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
im well too :)
PutNameHereGF Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy! Do you happen to go by ▲D3lete6▲ on a website called Chatzy? A bit of skirmish happened about art and such, and this user posted a link to your DA saying you were them.

Sorry if this message annoys you, I just wanna make sure they're not actually an art thief claiming your account! ^^;
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