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  The following are the terms and conditions to my commissions.

  The artist (me) and the commissioner terms:
  -i, the artist, have the right to decline commissions if i feel uncomfortable about the subject in question (or any similar reason)
  -The commissioner may use the artwork to personal use only
  -The commissioner cannot sell the commissioned artwork by any means
  -The commissioner cannot claim the rights over the artwork
  -If the commissioner so chooses to post the artwork, one must provide proper credits
  -The commissioner has the right to request changes and modifications on the artwork at the early stages of development of the commission (sketch)
  -The commissioner must be specific to what he/she wants in the commission. If not specified, i will proceed with what i feel it's best. If i find something particularly confusing or unclear, i'll ask the commissioner for more info! :)

  Payment Methods (Paypal only!)
  -Method one: The commissioner will pay the full value of the commission upfront. If they so choose to proceed with this payment method, i (the artist) will sketch the artwork and, once the commissioner is satisfied with it, i'll continue to work on it after i receive the full payment.
  -Method two: if the commissioner doesn't feel compiled to pay in full upfront, one has the right to chose method two. If the commissioner chooses this method of payment, i will sketch the artwork and, after the commissioner is satisfied, i will proceed to work on it once i get half of the value of the commission. After the commission is finished, i'll send a small thumbnail to the commissioner and, then, the commissioner shall deliver the second half of the full payment.
  i want the commission process to be as smooth and comfortable as possible to both commissioner and the artist (me). The commissioner may choose the payment method they feel more comfortable with. :D

  What will i draw? 
  -Characters (from games, animes, TV shows, cartoons, etc)
  -Animals and fictional creatures
  -Any kind of background
  -Gore (As much as you want! i have no problem with heavy gore)
  -Interactions in between characters (Though, i'll ask the commissioner to specify the emotion in question)

  What i won't draw:
  -Things that stimulate hate and discrimination

  And, last but not least, i, the artist, have the obligation to give my all to deliver the commissioner the best work i am able to produce! And i shall not rest until the commission is as perfect as i can get it!

  Thank you for reading!
  Check the prices of each kind of commission!
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spamer921 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2018
hey let me get this: if i want an ink sketch of, let's say.....6 characters the firts one is for $10 and the rest 2 per each one, means i shoul pay you $20?

*and same question about a flat color commision
Christarmewn Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Still considering, but ya might have a customer soon. ^^
Toomuch17 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
God I want one so bad if I wasn't flat broke I swear I'd get one and make it into a poster to hang on my wall!! You are soooooooo good at what you do!!
Riku-of-Darkness Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I want to commission you but I'm trying to think of an idea for the character interaction portion of the Terms and Conditions... Ahhh~
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March 26, 2017


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