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Alright looks like i delayed this for long enough! Didn't mean, tho.

Anyways, here's a list of comic dubs from my Undertale comics! i promised some people i would put this up but i completely forgot... my bad.
If you dubbed one of my comics but it's not on this list, by all means, note me! i will try my best to put them all here but i may forget some along the way. So, PLEASE, remind me! im a forgetful mug.

Guys, watch these! They're extremely fun to watch and amazingly well done! Let's give them all the love, shall we?

You want to dub my comic? DO IT. JUST DO IT.
But remember to give proper credit and a link on the description of the video, kay? ;) You can also provide me the link so i can add to this list! :D


Shattered Realities Part 1 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 2 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 3 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]
Shattered Realities Part 4 - English Dub (Undertale Comic Dub) by Sans Comic TV [link]

Reach Out【 Undertale Comic Dub 】by Sans Comic TV [link]

SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 1 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 2 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 3 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 4 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]
SHATTERED REALITIES EN ESPAÑOL Capitulo 5 Undertale Comic Fandub / Jamadub by Jaimito Jamaica [link]

(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #1 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #2 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #3 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #4 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]
(undertale comic) Shattered Realities #5 | Русский дубляж [RUS] by Raider Game [link]

[UNDERTALE] Realidades quebradas (dub PT-BR) by Pequena Friskinha [link]


【Undertale】(undertale RUS DUB Mr Fresh) Manictale №1 by Mr Fresh [link]

ManicTale озвучка (обязательно посмотрите описание!!) by Dust Sans 458 [link]

-Voici le FRENCH!

Undertale Comic Dub FR AU [Manictale] by Alphys Otaku [link]


S - sans what happened to your eyes ?【 Undertale Comic 】by Team Comic [link]
(Not exactly a comic dub but it's awesome nonetheless!)

i am almost 100% sure i forgot one or two in Manictale department... If you find them, or you made one of those that i forgot, TELL MEH OHKAY??!

AAaaah... i feel lighter having this up. Apologies for all comic dubs creators! i completely forgot to create this journal with the links!
But, then again, Mugs don't have brains. So we are allowed to forget things.


Anywho, guys. Hope you enjoy the list! And i hope you're having a marvelous rest of your day!
See ya later my wonderful mugs and teacups!!
love ya'll
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    Okay so. First off: i normally wouldn't do something like this because i'm very insecure about stuff regarding money, specially regarding other artists. Mainly because i know that there are a bunch of artists out there that desperately beg for money when, in reality, they just want an extra cash on the back of their fans. But i have been following this artist for a very long time and i know she's serious and not trying to make quick money on anyone.

    Let's get straight to the point: i'm a really big fan of this artist, and, honestly, she's a BIG inspiration to me. However, she currently finds herself on a very dire situation: she has problems with her visa (she lives in New York, if memory serves me right) and she can't make enough money to sustain herself. With nowhere to go and no means to do so anyhow, she is trapped in a place in where she can barely pay the bills, pay for food or pay to get out of the US.
    Still, she manages to find time to create an AMAZING Undertale comic and original content, as well as some really funny and interesting comics called Made in Time, one of my favorites by far.

    It's sad to see her in that situation and i figured i would do something about it. i myself am not in the best place financially, as you guys know, but i'll be damned if i just leave the situation at that.

    "It's not my problem, i won't do something about it because i don't have to" you might think, and you would be right in a way. But that, in my opinion, is not fair. Fan artists usually produce amazing fan work for free and they don't complain. Because they do it for fun and nothing else. But not everything is rainbows and flowers. Sometimes shit happens and it gets harder to do stuff for free because you need the income to survive and pay the bills.

    You can support her with as little as one dollar a month! If you're still hesitant, read her Undertale comic called 'Undertale Reset'. Undertale Reset is a multiple choice comic in which you CAN FREAKING CHOSE YOUR OWN FREAKING PATH GODDANMIT. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! The pages are wonderfully well drawn and the feels are intense. And there will be, if memory serves, 145 chapters in total in one of the paths you can make (talk about hard work). It's a professional-like comic and i suggest you read it.

    To sum up: she's an amazingly talented artist that produces a wonderfully drawn comic and she needs help. Let's get over to her and give the help, then! If many of us do it, it'll make a HUGE difference.

    If you really can't help, share this journal or share her dA page! Maybe your friend loves Undertale and can help financially! If we all join forces, we're FREAKING UNSTOPPABLE MY WONDERFUL WAIFU

    YES WE'RE STILL MARRIED. Hope your significant other's okay with that.
    Then again: i hate journals, so that shows that i mean what i said, even if it doesn't have perfect grammar and the best organization. Hell i try my best.

    Here are the links to her patreon and dA page! Take a peak!…
    Take care and peace, my gorgeous mugs and teacups!
    love ya'll
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Heya boyos and grills! How are you doing in this fine day?

So, i'm settled in my new home! It was troublesome but i'm finally under a roof and with my stuff in place. Glad to know that i'm not the only one that despises moving!! ^v^ Thank you for the safe travel wishes, guys! (hope that how you say it) You're the best!

i'll prioritize commissions for now but soon we should be back to our normal schedule.

Hope you're having a marvelous day!
Take care and pce!
    Well well well, looks like i delayed this for long enough! i mean, yeah, i had my reasons but whatever.

    Oh if you think that i`m going out of DA, don`t worry, i`m not! What...? Were you... Worried?
    Marry me.
    Let`s do this.
    Here take this ring.
    We`re married.

    Alright, jokes aside, let`s talk BUSINESS.
    Long story short: i don`t have money, my family doesn`t have money and we are screwed! :,D We have to move because the city we`re in is a no go if you don`t have ways to keep yourself afloat, of which we don`t. This has been going on for a long while and it really had a tool on me but i didn`t tell anyone here because it wasn`t a problem for my work inflow.
    You know, i looked my old journals and cringed at them because i talked about a lot of personal shit and this is not what this page is about. This page is about art and comics and stories. Heck im even hesitant to post this because it goes against my new found conviction!
    Partially anyways.

    So, i don`t know when we`re moving or how, BUT i know it`ll be this month. Which is a pity because i have so much stuff to do. Good news is i think i`ll have internet and stuff, but i don`t think i`ll be able to do streams any more. i won`t have my own room so things are going to be tight. i have no idea on how i`m going to keep making art and comics and stuff, and i know you guys want the comics and all, but i still don`t know how everything will work out. Don`t worry, i`ll MAKE it work, i just need to think.
    Sorry for the rambling i`m just very, very tired right now and i ran out of Doritos. Shit.

    Oh and now we`re married. Congrats. *le sexy pose* Ready for the honeymoon BB?
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i figured i would post this here too because this is one of the FIRST speedpaints that are fully complete! No weird lagging nor bugs in it this time! HORRAY!! ONE VICTORY FOR MEH AGAINST DEM BUGGY MACHINES!!1!

Hope you enjoy it!! :D
    Eyyy how are you guys doing today? i hope you're well.
    Thank you so very much for all happy birthday wishes!! They made my day!! ;v; You guys are da bomb

    Also, thank you so much for the awesome anonymous person that gave me CORE!! i wanted to thank earlier but i had relatives over and forgot to write a journal about it. Unforgivable, i know, but, either way, thank you!!! You da bomb too bruh ;v;

    That's it for now. i hope you have an amazing rest of the evening, day or afternoon.
    See ya!!
So, on my last ArtStream, people requested that i create a Discord server. Well, i love the idea!! So i made one :D
We can chat, discuss, i can update you guys on my stuff and more! So, if you feel like joining, please do! It would be amazing... No, it would be an HONOR to talk to ya!!

Have an amazing rest of the night/day, folks! 
Take care and pce!

Eh, just finished editing :D

This was supposed to be here a looooong time ago. Ngh. Sorry

Check my Youtube thingy if ya want more speedpaints from meh :D…
That moment in your life when you find out how to make cool effects with MOVIE MAKER!!!1!

Hope u guys like it!
Workin' on the next part!
    Thank you everyone who came!! :D
    Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Stream! i had a lot of fun! :D
    *ahem* i mean, yeah, i decided on doing my first stream next Saturday. It'll probably happen around... 3-3:30 in the afternoon... How do you say it... Western time?
    Ah forget it. Let's make things simple! It'll be this Saturday and i'll post a journal some minutes before the stream 'v' It would be awesome if you could join me!
    Let's hope for my internet to work ._.
    I GOD DAMN SWEAR THAT THE UNIVERSE IS AGAINST ME SOMETIMES. i mean, seriously, what the actual heck?!
    My antivirus screwed up with my photoshop and i think with my sai too! i'm not sure how but i know it was my antivirus. And, to add to this catastrophe, MY GOD DAMN TABLET DOESN'T HAVE SENSIBILITY ANYMORE. And, now, i can't draw in sai anymore (because it's still working despite it's oddities) because i have no sensibility. i did deal with this problem before and i know how to fix this 'no sensibility' bug but, now, no matter what i try, it doesn't god damn work.
    i. Am. So. Pissed.
    i had just finished a cool drawing (which is a gift for another person btw) and was about to finish the details on photoshop when BANG!! Everything hit the fan. 
    i usually don't whine about this kind of stuff. Actually, i faced photoshop errors and tablet errors countless times before but, this... This shit is serious and i have no flying idea on how i'll fix this. And, because this is an error i don't know how to fix, i figured i would let you guys know. If i can't fix it, i won't draw and you guys deserve to know this.
    What a perfect god damn timing, huh?!?! i was planning on doing some amazing stuff but OF COURSE this had to happen.
It's too late (or too early?) and this was a tiring day. Sorry about nagging you with this. It's just that i want you guys to know, okay? i'll try to get back on feet as soon as possible, i promise. But, if you don't see a drawing or two this next days, just bear in mind that i have this 'little' problem i have to fix.
    Thank you for reading and for your patience.
    And i still don't like journals.
    i hope you guys have a wonderful day! (better than mine)
    i really, really wished this was a late joke (because of the date and all that) but, unfortunately, it isn't)
  The following are the terms and conditions to my commissions.

  The artist (me) and the commissioner terms:
  -i, the artist, have the right to decline commissions if i feel uncomfortable about the subject in question (or any similar reason)
  -The commissioner may use the artwork to personal use only
  -The commissioner cannot sell the commissioned artwork by any means
  -The commissioner cannot claim the rights over the artwork
  -If the commissioner so chooses to post the artwork, one must provide proper credits
  -The commissioner has the right to request changes and modifications on the artwork at the early stages of development of the commission (sketch)
  -The commissioner must be specific to what he/she wants in the commission. If not specified, i will proceed with what i feel it's best. If i find something particularly confusing or unclear, i'll ask the commissioner for more info! :)

  Payment Methods (Paypal only!)
  -Method one: The commissioner will pay the full value of the commission upfront. If they so choose to proceed with this payment method, i (the artist) will sketch the artwork and, once the commissioner is satisfied with it, i'll continue to work on it after i receive the full payment.
  -Method two: if the commissioner doesn't feel compiled to pay in full upfront, one has the right to chose method two. If the commissioner chooses this method of payment, i will sketch the artwork and, after the commissioner is satisfied, i will proceed to work on it once i get half of the value of the commission. After the commission is finished, i'll send a small thumbnail to the commissioner and, then, the commissioner shall deliver the second half of the full payment.
  i want the commission process to be as smooth and comfortable as possible to both commissioner and the artist (me). The commissioner may choose the payment method they feel more comfortable with. :D

  What will i draw? 
  -Characters (from games, animes, TV shows, cartoons, etc)
  -Animals and fictional creatures
  -Any kind of background
  -Gore (As much as you want! i have no problem with heavy gore)
  -Interactions in between characters (Though, i'll ask the commissioner to specify the emotion in question)

  What i won't draw:
  -Things that stimulate hate and discrimination

  And, last but not least, i, the artist, have the obligation to give my all to deliver the commissioner the best work i am able to produce! And i shall not rest until the commission is as perfect as i can get it!

  Thank you for reading!
  Check the prices of each kind of commission!
Comissions UPDATED by Ink-Mug
    So, um, let's just get this over with.
    i've been working on my works here in DA for some time now. My comics and illustrations and paintings, etc. i've been doing that 24/7 nonstop and im very happy with how much i've improved and how much work i was able to do these past few months.
    HOWEVER, my dears, life kind of changed for me. How? Well, i began studying again. i'm in college and, man, i am very happy about that. im currently coursing Graphic Design (if you're interested) and im very excited (tho a little nervous) about it. i finally get to study what i love and i'm eager to learn more about the course and explore the possibilities to work in the area.
    What is the problem then? Well, it's simple and i'm pretty sure you know the answer. i'll have less time to work in my personal works. All this time i delivered tons of works almost every day but that stopped abruptly some weeks ago, and you probably noticed that too. i just began studying and i already feel the lack of time within my schedule. It really sucks but im glad im finally in college. Since i was a little kid i dream about going to a university/college and this is kind of a personal dream to me.
    Yes, i will have less time and, yes, that sucks baaad. But i think it will be alright. i'll try to stick to my routine of posting a page a week (of my comic) and focus on other stuff in the weekend. Still have to get used to my current schedule so we'll see.
    But, you know what? im cool with this. Because, above everything else, you guys have shown me care, patience and comprehension i wasn't expecting when i first joined DA. You guys are so good to me and im very happy for that. 
    im not going to throw the towel and give up, however. im gonna work my ass off and i'll make sure to give my everything to give my best this year. i'll probably have to get a job eventually to help my family with bills and boring adult stuff (and, for the love of christ, i'm not guilt tripping anyone here, ok? i don't like to guilt trip people on getting me stuff and i will never, ever, do this to you or anyone else. For example, if you want to support me in my Patreon page, do it because you want to support my work and not for any other reason ok? i've seen waay to many artists doing guilt trip and i don't appreciate it. If the artists is really, reeeeally, needing help, that's okay, but guilt tripping for no reason? That's just bad)
    Either way. Job, college, DA... Damn this will be a harsh year. And i'm looking forward to it! 
    Thank you for reading and, yeah, i still don't like Journals. DAMN YOU JORUNALS!!
    Hehe, anyways, have a good one guys! And i genuinely hope that you're having a wonderful day!!

i really like this speedpaint (it makes the whole process look so easy ;-;) and that's why i linked it here! i figured people may like, idk XD

12 hours of work in 11~12 minutes... Wowie, technology's really a thing.
Enjoy! :D
CatyTem tagged me.

1 you have to post ALL the RULES
2 Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3 Choose 12 victims to tag
4 Legitimately tag these 12 people
5 You can NOT say you don't do tags
6 Tag backs are ARE ALLOWED *shrugs*
7 You must do in a journal entry

Why am i so freaking nervous all the sudden? .-.' Oh well... Here we go!

1-Faith in humanity?
Difficult question. i don't think i believe in humanity but i really, really try to.

2-Rate my art 1/10
Hm... i would say 7 but your potential is infinite!! ;)

3-Who loves Kirby(Nintendo)?
Not really into Nintendo stuff... sorry. i like Kirby but i don't looooove him.

4-Who loves Pirouline?(A food)
A what? Is that a food? i didn't even know it existed. :l

5-Have a crush?
Real or imaginary? Imaginary, definitely, real... no.

6-Do you think I have a crush on someone?(Not blueberry anymore...)
i don't think so...?

7-Guess all my fandoms(Is in 2)
Nintendo stuff and Undertale.

8-Do you like anime?
Yep. Don't watch it as i did some years ago, tho.

9-Are you angry that I tagged you?
No, just... surprised.

10-Do you have any doll, and if you do, do you sleep with them?
What kind of question is this? _)_'

11-Are you more Sans, or Papyrus?
Ugh, difficult question. i'll stick with Sans.

12-Are you a Smash bros an?(Also nintendo. Fact: Smash was created by the person who created Kirby. named Sakurai)
Then again, im not into Nintendo stuff. (And, yessss, i knew that :D)

Forgive me, folks, i have no other choice :c

Winry7405 (Any doubt i would tag you or Myst Born Lord? :D)
Myst-Born-Lord ;)

i'm sorry! i'll try to make good questions...But, HEY, if you're not comfortable, just don't do it okay?

1-What's your favorite kind of music? (Ex: mine's metal)

2-Do you like reading? If you do, what kind of books?

3-What got you into art?

4-Did you go to art school or are you self-taught?

5-Summer,Winter, Spring or Fall?

6-"I think, therefore I am" <- What do you think about this statement? (Not that i'm running out of ideas or anything...)

7-Do you think that even the worst person can change? That everyone can be a good person if they just try?

8-What are your favorite Undertale Aus? (It can be your own AU if you have one)

9-What is your favorite animal?

10-Do you like videogames? (SUCH a rhetorical question, isn't it?)

11-If you do, what is your favorite videogame?

12-Do you play any musical instruments? (i do... acc guitar and elect keyboard)

13-Do you enjoy participating this kind of stuff?

Wowie! That was such a workout!
Remember: don't answer these if you're not comfortable!
Have fun!

i was so nervous painting this... can you see it? X3
i had so much fund editing this! i really enjoyed the experience. i'm planning to do more speedpaints, speeddraws and time lapses in general, what do you guys think?