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Shattered Realities - Ch.2 - Page 17
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ok, they're fighting now. Oh shit. 
Hey! The chapter is close to it's end! i think at least.
oh well.
Hey, is my story understandable? i mean, it's ok to me since i know where it is going and all but i'm not really sure if i'm managing to present it properly. Oh well, just wondering again~ 
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

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Comments (105)
Violets4Life's avatar
Violets4Life|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where's Skele-Dad When You Need Em? Smh
Reply  ·  
masterbiff's avatar
every sans in the multiverse just felt a chill go up their spine
Reply  ·  
Doggos mad...

:o (Eek) 

Never make doggos mad...
Reply  ·  
TheNor's avatar
TheNor|Hobbyist General Artist
Papyrus makes this point in every comic I see about him discovering the Resets. Seriously Sans. He has a point - you SHOULD talk to people!
Reply  ·  
DarthLangdon's avatar
DarthLangdon|Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah, the dogs are totally owned by frisk.
Reply  ·  
ErrorMessiah's avatar
ErrorMessiah|Student General Artist
is his eye yellow or orange
Reply  ·  
Tinkerchu's avatar
i think both?
Reply  ·  
ElectroSkull64's avatar
ElectroSkull64|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love where this is going ^^ 
Reply  ·  
Emeraldz258's avatar
Emeraldz258|Hobbyist General Artist
dogs r on frisk's side
Reply  ·  
Mikedawina's avatar
Mikedawina|Student General Artist
Man voice acting this page hurt
Reply  ·  
Lizztale's avatar
Lizztale|Hobbyist Writer
Well done
Siblings fight all the time and having two of them taught me that
Reply  ·  
MettatonIsFab's avatar
MettatonIsFab|Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh. Brotherly fight...
Reply  ·  
xXArtimisXx's avatar
xXArtimisXx|Student Traditional Artist
Oh geez, now the dogs are upset QAQ
Reply  ·  
TheDragonsBlaze's avatar
TheDragonsBlaze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
For the record the dog is my favorite character so far :P
Reply  ·  
samipotato's avatar
samipotato|Student General Artist
dogS there are two Simon - Icon 
Reply  ·  
CrackerHumps's avatar
CrackerHumps|Hobbyist General Artist
You spilled the beans Frisk, and now the beans are on the floor, and they're staining the rug
Reply  ·  
what a mess...
Reply  ·  
RadioRebelde123's avatar
RadioRebelde123|Student General Artist
If I was at the place of Frisk I just run away.
Reply  ·  
NemieVeng's avatar
NemieVeng|Student General Artist
Why is Sans eyes red tinted, isn´t his other trait Justice s yellow tint? The dg is also growling at sans... Thats weird, also brown dog? The dog was growling at Undyne also... Red is determination... Those this mean that Chara has something to do with all of this? Weird dream, anger bouts, red tint... How strange...
Reply  ·  
CrispyDough's avatar
CrispyDough|Hobbyist Artist
I think perhaps it was to show that he is mad?
Reply  ·  
RustyKit's avatar
RustyKit|Hobbyist Artist
Poor Frisk.. having Sans yelling at her (it is rare for Sans to yell at anyone..)
Reply  ·  
MomijiUsako's avatar
MomijiUsako|Hobbyist Digital Artist
sans is maaaaad I never would see the day that sans is cussing out his bro!!!!
Awesome job btw~!!!
Reply  ·  
alienops25's avatar
i'm lovin' this so far!
Reply  ·  
loveofcats1's avatar
sans: im so done di e 
Reply  ·  
anonymous's avatar
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