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CMYKlock [1.0]

CMYKlock - An elegant, colorful desk clock and system monitor.

The clock is rendered entirely using Roundline meters, so everything is very scalable and editable.

You can change:
- ALL colors
- gap between rings
- shading of rings
- which system specs to monitor (RAM, Memory, CPU, CoreTemp, Battery, Disk drives (up to 4).
- hover to show data, or always show

Middle-mouse click on the clock to open user variables file to edit options. There are plenty of comments in the code that should make this quick and easy.
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wonderfull art you've done!!! :) remind me of proximity :)
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That's so pretty. Unfortunatly I already have a clock for my current set up but I saved this one of a later time :P
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Took me a while to know the time looking at your clock.....the colors were exactly what I was looking for. I used it here :…

Thank you :)
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Thank you so much for this! I'm starting to use rainmeter, and this was a wonderful addition to my new desktop!
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I cant believe I have never seen your work before. Awesome, just perfect, thank you friend.
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Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy it!
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wonderful color.
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Hmmm ... 'wish we could edit these posts. Anyway, thank you again; worked a charm!
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OK, thought about it. I'm rolling back to 2.4 so I can enjoy your CMYKlock. Thanks again for the nice design and for your courteous attention to my problem.
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Thank you for your prompt reply, injust.

Yes, I'm running the latest version. Now I need to consider installing the earlier version as doing so may risk come other skins malfunctioning. I'll mull this over & let you know what I decide ... that CMYKlock would certainly look sweet with my current three-up desktop.
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Lovin' the clock, injust29. Lovin' the colors (as well as the option to change them). It looks great on my desktop.

When I finally figured out what time it was, I realized that Noon (12) is at the 3 o'clock position. Perhaps you intended that, but I wonder if it's possible to rotate it so that 12 is at the uppermost position.
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What version of Rainmeter are you using? There are bugs with the new 2.5 beta that break some calculations in skins, noticeably with Roundline meters (such as is used here) not having the correct StartAngle value. Check your Log in Rainmeter while running the skin to see if it's spitting out calculation errors, then downgrade back to the stable 2.4.
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good work. can make it blue colore clock like this(alian colour)
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Check my description and the comments below; I explained how to change colors: [link]
good wrk...keep it up...!!
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Where do you change the colours? I have no idea what I'm doing :L
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If you hover over the clock, a tooltip pops up that says to Middle-click to open user options. So middle-click with your mouse and it will open up the file "uservars.ini" (saved in ...Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\CMYKlock\@Resources\ if you need to access it manually). In that file there are several lines preceded with a semicolon (;) which are comments, not part of the actual code. Read the comments and the variables that follow them to edit everything about the skin. Near the bottom of the file are all of the colors.

Colors are given as either RGB or HEX codes. In RGB, the color codes are RRR,GGG,BBB each with a value of 0-255. You can use this online color picker to modify the colors: [link]

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!

NOTE: I highly recommend using the program Notepad++ instead of the default Notepad in Windows to edit Rainmeter skin files.
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ty this helped me as well Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low - Wink 
Ah, I was in the wrong file, no wonder I couldn't find any RBG or HEX codes xD thanks a lot :)
silly question but this is driving me nuts what type of clock is this called?
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