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Axono Clock [1.0]



Axono Clock gets its name from an axonometric grid, in this case an isometric one. Its shape mimics both that of a nautilus spiral and a camera shutter.

The clock is composed of 6 triangles of proportional dimensions 1-6 as they rotate around the clock. Each triangle can be oriented in two positions: out and in. These two positions correspond to the two values that each sixth of the clock represents; that is, triangle represents one sixth of the clock and each position represents one twelfth of the clock. These can be easily interpreted into hours and sets of 5 minutes. The remaining minutes are shown on the 4 dots in the center of the clock, surrounded by a ticking seconds ring.

The clock features my hue rotation algorithm that rotates the color of the clock through the full spectrum over a set period which can be adjusted by the user. Two styles are available: solid and outline. The digits are provided for easy time reference, but can be toggled by simply left-clicking anywhere on the skin.

Several color and style variations are presented in the preview image, each with a different time stamp to provide insight into the clock movement.

Font: HUN-din 1451 by Daniel Adamko (
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how would i go about changing the color of the outlines? i changed clr 1 and clr 2 to a light grey and a white but the outlines are still black and i have a black wallpaper