496 breathtaking shots
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I hope you will enjoy my collection of breathtaking shots.
I have collected them through the forum and through the various collections on dA.

The point of making such News feature is to show everybody out there how talented people in here are, because some of them really deserve more attention from you out there.

So enjoy - And :+fav: what you like - You will make another deviant very happy by doing so :)

I will not post some of my own work - So if you want to know who I am, go and visit my gallery

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:thumb100311631: :thumb100315458: :thumb100320125: :thumb100314672: :thumb100320584: :thumb100314396: the autumn is red... by MorkOrk :thumb100321563: A walk on the Beach by InnovationGroup :thumb100316278: serna 5 by suo-me touch of autumn by topinka 372 by lenagnl :thumb100328804: architectural curvature by davespertine The Chapel 3 by drkshp :thumb100317280: Summer Time V1 by MistyCoss13 autumn meadow by topinka sprinkle. by fat-sheep2002 S T A Y II by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb100321127: o7 by gr8diZaster J'existe pas by indulcejubilo rainy.day by beyond-the-light waiting in vain by ubikentang Autumn of life by WiciaQ dangerous way by EbruSidar :thumb65212402: 3 Squared by PeggyArmstrong Cherry by Heleneee Hey Mars by sevgihan Start by acukur Island Of Dreams by soulofautumn87 A Road To Nowhere by soulofautumn87 I :HEART: You by soulofautumn87 When The Sun Hides by soulofautumn87 Face The Autumn by soulofautumn87 expose by detail24 45-1 by acukur in square . .. by light-from-Emirates

Mature Content

water+flower by xiawenjie830
.Contrast of autumn - 3 by tgphotographer :thumb100408436: :thumb100415521: :thumb100409388: bright forest by Tanitha Kolczasto. by 6Artificial6 enchanted world... by onixa icha. by rieskaparamita :thumb100506712: :thumb83178350: The Jetty 2 by Phil-Norton :thumb100450839: Aquela vista do rio by hugoafsilva The Breaker by Phil-Norton Ladder To Nowhere by Phil-Norton He can ride his bike... by the-garry Fall by Simple-Life488 :thumb90250089: automne by uniqueb0y :thumb100495000: A Kite by AniMal-e Vanilla Sugar Crisp by DemonMathiel ....C.C..... by BOsKiKroKodyL Forget Me Not III by DorotejaC heaven by deadlysquirrel :thumb91785318: Spiral by Moepling life supporting life by shtrumf :thumb39058443: 3 sekawan by vinnoo Fownhope II by DavidCraigEllis talking umbrellas by JoannaRzeznikowska ISTANBUL by HuseyinKaRa :thumb96220162:

Mature Content

- flexible girl - by SaschaHuettenhain
Circumvolution II by hugovanmalle Yellow by hugovanmalle La maison adossee a la colline by hugovanmalle Aviation by Coeiise Autumn's here by calleartmark Purple Sunset by hrvojemihajlic The Island by photo-earth :thumb100603775: The Sandpipers March by Fuhnora Red Weeds by PaintingSunday By a lovely afternoon Square by hugovanmalle :: floating :: by hellfirediva purgatory by CanDaN :thumb100640156: :thumb100705894: lilys by nevermike :thumb100710710: Fairy ii by elkina singular h.v. by penzeispenze smile by grafitomane Eternal Sunshine by petted oscar by whigger :thumb98292472: :thumb69494613: Lyme Regis by Jez92 Senkina Bay by inObrAS :thumb81423826: Sky Playground by Prowlerk A Day Like This by RyanHeffron old days. by gloeckchen :thumb100796462: :thumb100794412: a clouded mind by peachpatrol Fragile by Kittyoholic Transfagarasan HDR by ScorpionEntity c2008_0038 by okli6 The Ship by piuzz Don't fight it by Nullermanden Orchid by alexeysilaev Rough Hands by larafairie Blue by kgeri Two Swans by SilentXeno The Queen Of Snow by Bojkovski :thumb100814159: annafish by Maagdalenka :thumb98925195: :thumb98931701: :thumb28549485: Next Door to the Sea by SebastienTabuteaud :thumb100801753: ::: St. SilvYe gaLLeRy o1 ::: by twELveRN Misty Morning III by calleartmark Late october by Dina-bv Let It Rain by RosleinRot Pink Sky by leika6669 Down the Dock by rivaraftin1977 Resting After Storm by soulofautumn87 lost souls by utopic-man Old Music by No-Reason-At-All Bye bye by LalA-vi-Doll Future by Bebenista 110... by feryal catch the life by utopic-man THICK by estellamestella and the autumn is yellow, too by MorkOrk S T A Y III by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb94391865: Ballet school by andreydubinin Pico Ruivo - Arthritis by yv :thumb98451017: :thumb99989179: :thumb87882323: Illusions by Karine-Despeaux :thumb100081329: feRRero by arslansinan 088 by ThierryV He sends His love by ImaginationsTheLimit :thumb85373920: :thumb100644877: regeneration -the walk of life by davespertine In Yellow by Natasek :thumb94574847: :thumb93446724: :thumb100878375: 14 years by SevimDalan Beginning. by DafoeofLenin Cave by sergemeeus :thumb84555308: :thumb91382172: peace on the pond by julie-rc

Colours of the sky by Dirty-Tricks :thumb99495526: After the Rain 2 by ArtThinkz Flying in a Blue Dream by werol :thumb97321793: Repentance by sergemeeus What One by sergemeeus The Pirate In Progress by sergemeeus Passion by sergemeeus Very rare tropical UFO's by sergemeeus :thumb100445289: Two argue too by jakwak :thumb71344404: when violins cry VII by inkstewer :thumb96825305: :thumb99186032: Under Those Feet.. by raan-bbsr W O N D E R by actonephotos Holding raindrops 3 by ImaginationsTheLimit :thumb100811305: A rainy morning by megxcanxfly :thumb96842944: :thumb100905520: A Slice of Fresh Air by sergemeeus docks. by footypie :thumb99754759: Luck by Death-Soldier101 Keane napp by tarasuchan Thursday... by dachimas :thumb100714395: :thumb100809468: Falling by dmatsui Ray Lowry - R.I.P. by andrewfphoto cross by mietze-katz what else is there? by mmarina I AMsterdam by y2jabba :thumb94939851: :thumb92064011: reves de magenta by illiyun :thumb100794693: :thumb100799149: Beijing I. by Sunnystorm Vall d'Aran II by merigiros Prehistory by Scubaozgirl :thumb98240646: Pele 2 by bckcntry the moon has changed by alex-tifrea :thumb100799178: Alone by Dheswa :thumb100802499: :thumb100791487: Fast Fall by Broadwaybby Blue.2 by neon-sunrise :thumb100796098: Amazon by serhatdemiroglu :thumb100805963: Big head by ZiM-ZuM HD Ballons by JeraSky Autumn by kojnyciuke :thumb100791126: Corniglia by Luke-ro Manarola by Luke-ro Beauty in Dusk by BlackSnowz :thumb81463385: :thumb91984423: :thumb98367135: :thumb92985399: :thumb72547734: Tangerine Skies by henroben HK I - Peak View by cody29 Tranquillity by Petritap Amis Park by Petritap Watching the Watchers by Xuisol Center of it all by Vamaena Eiffel Tower by Vamaena Frosty Grass by domk275 :thumb100058133: power trippin by cinephile-kl on the streets of bolsena... by Propaganda-Panda in God's hands. by MerciPourLeVenin-x Coffee beauty by Selina-Vigu light painting heart by quasiohnemodo at concert by quasiohnemodo On the dry by ivancoric The town that graham built 2 by Suds344 What Was by JustinChristenbery Paradise by Phoenix51200 infrared summer 1 by SergioPachini :thumb77111044: :thumb79899946: A Magical Journey by Notoriouscadi :thumb96632765: Porter Ranch Fiire 3 by Vividlight Breathing Freedom by Adarhay :thumb99164521: yellow blue by julie-rc Surfers Paradise by philipp-eos Loneliness... by gonting A Time Traveler by Notoriouscadi :thumb100702080: :thumb100700116: World Bridge by faithless-male drops by madziu untitled by mario19 :thumb100620830: Autumn at the falls II HDR by pjs15204 Red flowers by ameliasantos :thumb100622204: :thumb100621449: When The Stars Go Blue by jteh Anaga by NiraGonzalez :thumb96013990: :thumb84899897: lack of hope by blazeer Passing Frenzy by Sun-Seeker Sunset at St Kilda Beach by jakwak :thumb100589382: :thumb98104673: Autumn Sunset... by dachimas :thumb93207323: Persephone by Lilyas Hungarian skies pt.VI. by realityDream Heart in flames by Lambech Meon Valley by Deere :thumb85084079: Sunset beach by nectar666 Caressing The Sky by ArtThinkz Seas The Day by ArtThinkz :thumb90786143: :thumb98286915: :thumb97285152: :thumb95908966: :thumb93686646: :thumb93429960: :thumb95149941: :thumb87259453: :thumb84711183: :thumb63252819: :thumb88538258: :thumb90846589: :thumb77084229: :thumb100502294: :thumb100490697: :thumb100426160: :thumb100059702: :thumb100493188: :thumb94253353: :thumb95602594: :thumb65384543: :thumb90445145: :thumb100435466: :thumb99751666: :thumb100509894: :thumb100497442: :thumb100415397: :thumb100497654: :thumb100437855: :thumb100498579: :thumb97494080: :thumb100419204: :thumb100505349: :thumb100427056: :thumb96465906: :thumb100493292: :thumb100509444: :thumb98922101: :thumb100438752: :thumb100427644: :thumb100493689: :thumb100506545: :thumb100494692: :thumb100515338: :thumb100513390: :thumb96262709: :thumb100415611: :thumb100430151: :thumb100422644: :thumb100424400: :thumb100435567: :thumb100405018: :thumb100407727: :thumb100430359: :thumb77281341: :thumb100142949: :thumb94025759: :thumb100236205: :thumb99955704: :thumb90736086: :thumb99981338: :thumb92729678: :thumb94032113: :thumb100270207: :thumb100313876: :thumb100330632: :thumb100331775: :thumb100314504: :thumb100312110: :thumb100314814: :thumb100311707: :thumb100309797: :thumb100325550: :thumb100325596: :thumb100326427: :thumb100310454: :thumb100310391: :thumb100321992: :thumb100312370:

:thumb100328405: :thumb100313632: :thumb100309883: :thumb100324354: :thumb100311140: :thumb100312505: :thumb100313972: :thumb100325358: :thumb100319126: :thumb99698001: :thumb90265867: :thumb73330268: :thumb87068500: :thumb99964056: :thumb100230739: :thumb94629541: :thumb99775725: :thumb100416391: :thumb100422916: :thumb100440098: :thumb100432118: :thumb100409363: :thumb100417526: :thumb100408730: :thumb39860501: :thumb100326050: :thumb100502378: :thumb83178350: :thumb94590413: :thumb100501331: :thumb100499316: :thumb100442802: :thumb100494643: :thumb100505643: :thumb100527927: :thumb100497127: :thumb99959915: :thumb99987897: :thumb68464541: :thumb83697729: :thumb97145730: :thumb99172942: :thumb88211624: :thumb86931547: :thumb91171271: :thumb96602021: :thumb28906604: :thumb59237323: :thumb88249065: :thumb93790755: :thumb100557235: :thumb98831797: :thumb95764155: :thumb75572257: :thumb73854891: :thumb49843857: :thumb100618425: :thumb33129862: :thumb100640763: :thumb100666098: :thumb94051635: :thumb100703631: :thumb100709806: :thumb100700290: :thumb100697600: :thumb100702382: :thumb87323934: :thumb95824423: :thumb97685831: :thumb99924728: :thumb99588359: :thumb98286019: :thumb98742407: :thumb96561043: :thumb100056776: :thumb40845642: :thumb35868667: :thumb91398806: :thumb100798525: :thumb35700982: :thumb99363497: :thumb59508546: :thumb77196756: :thumb79630936: :thumb91660561: :thumb100794149: :thumb98035656: :thumb97128550: :thumb97650836: :thumb77508646: :thumb98420698: :thumb100066700: :thumb89070982: :thumb97400283: :thumb93935709: :thumb90788697: :thumb100670327: :thumb90889693: :thumb92619219: :thumb100400444: :thumb100296546: :thumb63908031: :thumb100865400: :thumb68755874: :thumb100741230: :thumb98231609: :thumb38736845: :thumb90569427: :thumb89383341: :thumb97538440: :thumb94411613: :thumb64776085: :thumb78111686: :thumb56411711: :thumb84772269: :thumb98368032: :thumb100911008: :thumb98711914:
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aww too bad i didn't put mine sunset one up until 2010 lol :)
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wow. breathtaking collection!
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kindfullove12Student General Artist
wow awesome collection:D
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Great collection! It's also great that you haven't focused just on some sort of photos but all kinds of. :boing: Found many new artist to watch!
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DimensionSevenHobbyist Photographer
Thanks! And sorry for the late reply... :)
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Lisa-SchneiderHobbyist Photographer
I saw this just a few moments ago while surfing here on dA and I have to say:
This is really a great collection! :D
I :love: it... hehe and I will fave a lot! :dance:
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Desireduser7Student Photographer
Thanks for posting this, it's so cool to see so much beauty in one place!
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Brina1989Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
all of these really are breathtaking!
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Fantastic collection
AngelEyes4536's avatar
Fantastic collection
the-tourist123's avatar
Thanks a lot for putting me here....

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undesgibtkeinewunderStudent General Artist
gorgeous feature! thanks a lot for making the effort of collecting an sharing them all!
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stunning photos. [in awe]

thank you for the feature~!:hug:
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I'm glad to be apart of this.
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arslansinanProfessional Photographer
ı looked that again it looks perfect :clap:
Death-Soldier101's avatar
Thanks for the features!!
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LadyCarnal Photographer
Great selection!
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dracungHobbyist Photographer
wonderful collection! :D
thanks for the featured! :D
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azevinho Photographer
...wow.... :omg:
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