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All right, you've officially seen everything I've drawn in my life.  It's all uploaded.  All but one of today's dump are old stuff, with arbitrary dates attached.  Now maybe if I keep drawing things we'll see evolution.


Links to other projects:

My fanfiction archive
Mostly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Storytelling with action figures.

My videos at YouTube
Ditto.  CatCF.

Lovely watchers, please do not worry that I haven't added you back or that I don't comment or watch or hang out here.  It is nothing personal, and I hope you don't find me rude.  Your niceness to me is very much acknowledged and appreciated.  I'd just thought I'd start a little archive of the what?--maybe 15 or 20 drawings I've done in my entire life.  I have this odd bipolarity when it comes to participation and receiving/giving comments; I post things publicly and then get surprised that people actually look at them.  

BUT, since I like to try a little bit of everything, media-wise, having this account has managed to remind me of that delicious in-the-zone Zen of drawing.  Anything in the pursuit of that creative high, you know?  I don't imagine that I'll get any less involved here.  If/when I branch out, you'll be the first to know.  Meanwhile, we'll always have livejournal.
For the record, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this DA account yet.  My on-line life is taking shape as a creative outlet, so this is another branch.

Not all of the stuff I'm posting is recently-made, but it's my "portfolio" nonetheless.  Keep in mind I don't have a scanner, so they're just photos of the drawings.  Hopefully, keeping in the artistic habit will make me produce more!