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The Silmarillion teleplay, opening
So yeah, some years back I did try my hand at adapting 'The Silmarillion' as a screenplay for television (yes, I am one of those people :P). My planned layout was for a three-season, roughly thirty hour long run that would take us from the time of the Noldor in Valinor to the end of the First Age (roughly the material covered in the "Quenta Silmarillion") and would focus primarily on the relationship between Elves and Men. I never finished it, and looking back on it I'm pretty confident that I should hedge my bets for any kind of involvement in the movie industry on my art rather than my writing, but this project - my thoughts about how to "present" Tolkien's great literary third-stringer - has overlapped significantly with a lot of the conceptual thinking that has gone into my fan art. I suppose in many ways my long running "Tolkien sketchblog" has been, in my mind, preparation for involvement in such a project if it were ever to happen. I kind of doubt it will though (the big wigs at
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The impact that this image has on the viewer, is simply fantastic. As a background exercise this is brilliantly done, with a simple yet...

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After taking a more active approach to becoming a freelancer, I have decided to take on commissions.
I don't have time for big pieces at the moment, so I welcome such commissions as busts, half and full bodies, from everything to sketches to linearts or colored pieces. The details of which is yours to decide.

Below is a list of prices. The ones with a "+" in front means that if you choose to have a bust done with say lineart AND color AND border design, the price would be $15 +$10 +$15 = $40. If you have any questions don't hesitate to note.

I do also mail the commissions by post if you so wish, but that would add the price of the shipping costs as well! :nod:

Bullet; Green Bust:Bullet; Green 

Lineart - £50
+ Shading - £10
+ Color - £15
+ Aditional character £15
+ Border design/background - £10
Fire - Red Rose by IngvildSchageArt Silmarillion - Young Feanor by IngvildSchageArt
Fingon and Maedhros - Their ancient friendship  by IngvildSchageArt

Bullet; Blue Half & Fullbody:Bullet; Blue 

Lineart - £75
+ Shading - £20
+ Color - £25
+ Aditional character - £25
+ Border design/background - £20

Mature Content

Commission - ChristinaDeath69 by IngvildSchageArt
Silmarillion - Varda by IngvildSchageArt Hirka and Rime - Only You by IngvildSchageArt

I can also do animals if you so wish, just note me for details.

So I hope this is something some of you might be interested in. And if you are interested in a commission or have any questions, just send me a note and we can discuss prices and details further. :heart:


Bullet; Pink Society6 Bullet; Pink 

Another thing that is new for me as a freelancer is that I yesterday opened my own Society6 account, where you can go and purchase my art as anything from art-prints, canvas-prints and various merchandise. I have yet to upload all of my art, but if you miss a piece or a merchandise, please don't hesitate to note me. I am really excited about this, and I may or may not hold a small christmas-giveaway to this occasion.
Stay tuned! :smooch:

Bullet; Red Point Right My Society6 Gallery Point Left Bullet; Red 
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IngvildSchageArt's Profile Picture
Ingvild Schage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a 23 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I have a Bachelors with first class honours in Film and TV from Southampton.

I enjoy drawing from books, mostly Tolkien related and The 7 kingdoms, but also OC's and portraits. I am open for commission, just note me.

I love to draw, to write (currently Tolkien-inspired fanfics), read books, and be with friends and family!

Add me on skype if you ever wanna just talk: Ingvild.schage
Facebook - IG - Tumblr: IngvildSchageArt


Fire and her Fiddle - ink
Inktober - Fire and her fiddle 🔥🎻 . (From “Fire” by Kristin Cashore)

I decided, after doing the half-body portraits of the other two Graceling girls, that I needed to make one where Fire looks how I imagined her. Even as I loved to make the drawing of her on the bed, it wasn’t exactly how I imagined her face to look so I gave it another shot, and here she is close to perfection I believe! ☺️

Her hair was very hard tbh, curls are impossible to draw, especially the general shape of the hair and make it look not like a caricature. But I am surprisingly pleased with the end result! 😅

let me know what you think! ✨
Fire - The Playful Monster (ink)
This was actually my first redraw of the Graceling series, as I remembered the old version of this and decided i wanted to try for a new one of my improved style:

Fire - Waiting for her prince by IngvildSchageArt

Theres 6 years between the two versions and I really love the improvement, even as I am very fond of the old one!^^' Its easy to forget how far one has come, and once in a while it feels good to remind yourself that all the time and practice actually does amount to something! Its not about hating your old work, but appreciating how far you've come and learned in the time past. 

The pose was very hard, but I just drew and had a lot of fun with it, and the ink as well. It might be a new favorite traditional technique of mine, and I cant wait to practice it more. Her face didnt come out exactly as I wished, but I still like it a lot. 

Im also working on a piece of Bitterblue to finish this remake series, but exams and life pushes against, so I dont hurry myself too much with it, but hopefully it will be done in a day or two! ^^ 

Let me know what you think! <3
Katsa and Po - The Killer Couple (ink)
... both because they are one of my all time favorite couples, and because they're quite deadly! ;) 

Even with the odd placement and all the issues with the proportions of this drawing, I am seriously in love! This is the first time ever I’ve been able to draw the two of them somehow as I saw them, and it means so much to me to finally be able to do that. I've been missing these book series, so it felt really good to again imagine them. Perhaps I'll reread the trilogy and get even more inspiration! ^^

This was actually a rather instinctual sketch for which I was inspired after playing some Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (I always think of Katsa when dealing with badass women), which I then decided to ink for inktober, and I really like the outcome. Perhaps I'll add some colour to it later!^^ Let me know what you think! 

Katsa and Po © Kristin Cashore
Art © mine, IngvildSchageArt - Do not repost or edit without my consent!
The Avian Chronicles - Alaric
”The Avian Chronicle” official character introduction - Alaric✨🦅 

Age: 23
Clan: Eagle
God: Éagel
Eye colour: White
Hair colour: Blonde
Skin colour: Fair
Height: 6’1”/185cm
Species: Avian
Zodiac: Leo

<<“You do not think you party enough as it is, Alaric? Now you have to party with the rabble?” The familiar voice came from his sitting room and Alaric cursed loudly.
“Aq’há, Erian. Go fuck Svána and let me sleep,” he called, his voice muffled by the blanket on which he lay.
“I think not,” Erian said, and Alaric sat up in the bed to see his friend walk into his bedchamber.
“I could make you leave, you know,” Alaric pursed his lips in consideration, but Erian smirked. “You could, but you’re not an ass.” Alaric thought on it for a moment, then groaned and laid back down. “Why couldn't I just be an ass?”
“Because you are the future Emperor, Alaric. Or have you forgotten, again?” Erian chuckled overbearingly.
“How am I supposed to forget when you keep reminding me?” Alaric sat up and eyed him darkly.>> - Excerpt from the first draft.


Alaric is the son of the Emperor. His mother died when he was twelve, and having grown up with a father who always saw him as a disappointment to the blood, Alaric have given up pretending to care, immersing himself in intoxications and women alike. But somethings gotta give, For being one of the only two Eagles in existence, Emperor he is one day to become.

After centuries of fighting with the Crows, the Eagles united the Empire and has ruled since. Yet, their Clan natural leadership meant many contestants to the throne and after many assassinations and kin-slayings, the Emperor decreed a rule that only one heir was allowed per generation. Thus the Eagles remained strong in power, while their Clan deteriorated into a single strand. Or so the story says...? 😉 
The Avian Chronicles - Kaiden
“The Avian Chronicles” official character introduction - Kaiden ✨

Age: 25
Clan: Crow
God: Corone
Eye colour: Silver
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: Golden
Height: 5’9”/175cm
Species: Avian
Zodiac: Taurus

<<“Saga?” She turned abruptly and met her brother’s gaze as he stood in the doorway behind them.
“Hello, Kaiden,” she said simply, as if barely a day had passed since they last met and not a full year.
He chuckled and a smile stretched on his face, the smile she remembered from her childhood, yet not realised how much she had missed. He had changed; his stubbles had thickened and his jaw hardened, but his eyes remained the same; kind and true.
“It is good to see you, little sister.” As if not even noticing the other people in the room, he took two long strides towards her and embraced her. The sudden closeness startled her, for none had hugged her for many long years, but now she remembered, and she let herself ravel in the bliss of being reunited with her beloved brother, no matter what came after.>> - Excerpt from the second draft.


The second character introduction as a special treat for my 1K celebration, is Kaiden. He is Saga’s half brother, older than her, but middle counting their eldest brother Artan. Kaiden is the only family Saga considers herself having, as she hates her eldest brother and her step mother, and she has a troublesome relationship with their father. Kaiden is kind, more reflected and slower to anger than the rest of his family, therefore Saga trust him the most. He is also a thief and a smuggler, and a good manipulator and actor when he needs to be, but he has a soft spot for the people he loves. For a Crow he is uncharacteristically charming and easy to like. He is also an Avian, like Saga, and they share a common Talent (magic ability), which allied them in their youth, whereas their brother is not.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Saga is pale, which is unusual for a Crow, as they are known for their golden skin and silver eyes, though I will not spoil why this is, but indeed it has to do with her being only half-sister of Kaiden’s! 😉 Curious yet? Let me Know what you think! ☺️❤️

I've been pondering the lenght on my chapters and I wonder; would you rather I... 

17 deviants said do whatever I want because I'm the author and I should trust my gut? ^^'
8 deviants said post a chapter with the length it has, even if it is 5k or longer? :eager:
2 deviants said split up chapters that surpasses the lenght of 4k, for it is better to have two short chapters than one long?
1 deviant said Other? (Leave a comment!<3)
No deviants said piss off, because you don't care about my writing? *sobs*


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