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-Graceling- Love me not

Edit: I really just wanted to do something to this, small however, i really wanted to show off the close up!;)

Po and Katsa, from the book Graceling! :heart:
Not a specific scene from the book, just the idea that she didn't want him to love her, you know...
I will open this by saying that I've been working on this image since frikin winter break, around march this year, and believe me; it feels soooo long. That forest was seriously KILLING me... but then theres just that moment when something clicks in your brain and you FINALLY SEE IT! Ive been browsing sooo many refrences for forests, but not until recently (like last night) i really frigured it out!:D You can imagine how proud i was.. and since then ive been trying to figure out the light and leaves! x)

I have this nasty habbit of putting off doing certain parts on the images, on this one, that was the hair and his trousers. The silly part is that it doesn't even take that long, I'm just so goddamn lazy!=P New parts are scary... Saying that, i must say HE was HARD to make, his arm wouldnt work out, neither his stomach or his anatomy in general, but i think it is okay now, still not satisfied, but better. I LOVE her profile!:D

Also there were supposed to be some horses in the background, as the scene from the book (not that this is a specific scene) but all this was hell enough, so i let it go! Still I REALLY think ive evolved, on finishing pictures and everything! This started out as a closeup portrait of the two of them(simply their faces) in my sketchbook during winterbreak, but then i just HAD to make it bigger, and well, this is it!

Gimme some feedback, please?!:D

Btw, new autograph.. whataya think?!:D

Graceling, Katsa, Po (C) Kristin Cashore

Art (C) Me,
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I am so glad I came across this because it is Beautiful!