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The impact that this image has on the viewer, is simply fantastic. As a background exercise this is brilliantly done, with a simple yet...

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After taking a more active approach to becoming a freelancer, I have decided to take on commissions.
I don't have time for big pieces at the moment, so I welcome such commissions as busts, half and full bodies, from everything to sketches to linearts or colored pieces. The details of which is yours to decide.

Below is a list of prices. If you have any questions don't hesitate to note.

I do also mail the commissions by post if you so wish, but that would add the price of the shipping costs as well! :nod:

Bullet; Green Bust:Bullet; Green 

Lineart - £50
+ Shading - £10
+ Color - £15
+ Aditional character £15
+ Border design/background - £10
Fire - Red Rose by IngvildSchageArt Silmarillion - Young Feanor by IngvildSchageArt
Fingon and Maedhros - Their ancient friendship  by IngvildSchageArt

Bullet; Blue Half & Fullbody:Bullet; Blue 

Lineart - £75
+ Shading - £20
+ Color - £25
+ Aditional character - £25
+ Border design/background - £20

Mature Content

Commission - ChristinaDeath69 by IngvildSchageArt
Silmarillion - Varda by IngvildSchageArt Hirka and Rime - Only You by IngvildSchageArt

I can also do animals if you so wish, just note me for details.

So I hope this is something some of you might be interested in. And if you are interested in a commission or have any questions, just send me a note and we can discuss prices and details further. :heart:


Bullet; Pink Society6 Bullet; Pink 

Another thing that is new for me as a freelancer is that I yesterday opened my own Society6 account, where you can go and purchase my art as anything from art-prints, canvas-prints and various merchandise. I have yet to upload all of my art, but if you miss a piece or a merchandise, please don't hesitate to note me. I am really excited about this, and I may or may not hold a small christmas-giveaway to this occasion.
Stay tuned! :smooch:

Bullet; Red Point Right My Society6 Gallery Point Left Bullet; Red 
  • Watching: Merlin :3
  • Playing: SKYRIM FOREVER!
  • Eating: Diet stuff...
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IngvildSchageArt's Profile Picture
Ingvild Schage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a 23 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I have a Bachelors with first class honours in Film and TV from Southampton.

I enjoy drawing from books, mostly Tolkien related and The 7 kingdoms, but also OC's and portraits. I am open for commission, just note me.

I love to draw, to write (currently Tolkien-inspired fanfics), read books, and be with friends and family!

Add me on skype if you ever wanna just talk: Ingvild.schage
Facebook - IG - Tumblr: IngvildSchageArt


::The Beauty of Starwart::
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Buy this in my Society 6 store! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!  

Pretentous and symbolic title, I know, but I needed something different from the lineart version, so I hope you'll forgive me.

To begin I feel like I should say I have been in love with this drawing—
Commission - Back Tattoo Design by IJKelly
—for a long time, as I have with the rest of IJKelly 's work, and it inspired me to try a more simplistic and etheral colouring style myself. 
It was surprisingly hard, and I used quite a lot of time on it actually, but I really like the outcome.

They are Sorcha and Finbar from Juliet Marillier's "Daughter of the Forest", a beautiful, dark and tragic story with elements of Irish mythology and natural magic, inspired by the old tale of the Swan brothers and the sister who has to spin shirts of Starwart to free them. I really reccomend it to people who loves anything fae and enchanting—and I do NOT mean those new YA versions that are so popular these days. These fae are dark and brutal, like they really should be.

I actually really like how the Swan wing looks to be the birds, as well as his own, a quite unintentional effect I can assure you, and I enjoyed using the polycromic palette. It really quite fit the theme of the drawing and the book in general, I thought.

I'm currently working on another drawing from this series as well, or I have been since the middle of last year, and I originally planned to colour that like this, so do expect that soon.

Love, Iggy Heart 
::The Brother with the Wing of a Swan::
Sorcha and Finbar from Juliet Marillier’s “Daughter of the Forest”.

Honestly, love this drawing. It was so intuitive and easy to draw, it was a wonderful break from my usual exhausting projects. I also have a hope of colouring it slightly digitally. For now, they look exactly as they should, except her hair may be a bit too glossy and less wild than I wanted. I also do not know if I drew the right kind of Starwart plant, but it was the only one I found with similar description. For you who knows the novel, I do hope you think it looks somehow as you imagined. Finbar is one of my all time favourite characters. His fate is just so sad, and I love that he is the thread that binds all the 6 novels together, in either character or name. I will definitely try to draw him again, if I don’t finish another portrait I made. ☺️

Love, Iggy
Saga and Alaric :: An Apology
//“It would have been more of a pleasure if you had not so rudely initiated the dance without asking permission,” she said, pursing her lips as she thought a woman of the Seconds would have at the same experience.
Al grinned sheepishly. “Yes, well—” he slowed their movement, and they came to a stop, facing each other in the midst of the other swirling couples on the dance floor, “—will you accept my sincerest apologies?”
She felt his eyes staring at her as he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it with a tenderness. His lips were soft, his breath warm against her glove, and her heart leapt into her throat so she had to keep from catching her breath.//

— Excerpt from "The Avian Chronicle", a novel in progress.

Rewriting my novel, I changed the scene where the two of them first met, and so I was inspired to draw them again. I tried to do a bit more of a background, not certain how successful it was, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I also really like how their faces and design turned out, closer to how I see them than ever before tbh, especially his hair. Ive also been focusing on varying the levels in my drawings, and with his suit supposed to be dark, I had quite the challenge balancing it. Not sure I succeeded or if i messed up the edit in photoshop, either way I like the result. Let me know what you think! ^^

Drawn with 2H, H, B, 4B, kneaded eraser and two sizes of smudge sticks. 

I've been pondering the lenght on my chapters and I wonder; would you rather I... 

17 deviants said do whatever I want because I'm the author and I should trust my gut? ^^'
8 deviants said post a chapter with the length it has, even if it is 5k or longer? :eager:
2 deviants said split up chapters that surpasses the lenght of 4k, for it is better to have two short chapters than one long?
1 deviant said Other? (Leave a comment!<3)
No deviants said piss off, because you don't care about my writing? *sobs*


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