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Salutations and god dag my dear lover of art and person of exquisite taste. I am now open to commissions large and small, and have come to elucidate.

My Weapons of Choice

I originally created my initial line-art with traditional scratchboard, which I then scanned into Photoshop where I colored it, added textures, and so on. But then I eventually created a set of custom PS brushes and methodology that allowed me to mimic the effect of scratchboard all in the computer. Which is good, because all that scritchy-scratchety noise was driving me nuts. I'm currently running Photoshop CC 2015 and use a Wacom Intuos 5 medium tablet and stylus. There is often pickled herring sandwiches and tall frosty mugs of root beer involved, as well.

What Kind of Commissions I Will Accept

I'm pretty open as far as subject matter goes, although nothing pornographic. (Okay, if it's like a tasteful nude or something, I'll consider it. Probably won't be posted on my own page though, since I do a lot of work for younger demographics.) I dig doing fan art, but just remember it's going to be in my style (I'm no good at copying other people's style). And since I'm also a graphic designer, I'm open to layout and typography requests, as well (contact me for pricing until I can get it added below).


Ranging from simple (1 body) to complex (several people, background, etc):
Sketch: $10 - $20 USD
B&W "scratchboard" lineart: $30 - $50 USD
Full color: $75 - $100 USD

Don't worry, if I don't have what you want listed here, just drop me a line and I'll give you a quote. 

Request Procedure

1) You send me an email with the basic idea of what you want (if I take the gig, I'll follow up with you for more detailed info).
2) We discuss and agree on the size and price.
3) I sip on a glass of chilled aquavit, and perhaps nibble on some Havarti.
4) I send you an initial sketch. You send me any changes you might have, and I'll send you a revised version. Once the sketch is finalized, I'll begin the final color artwork and another glass of chilled aquavit.
5) I send you a small, low resolution, watermarked proof of the finished piece for you to look over and approve. At this point, some minor changes can still be made, but let's not get ridiculous.
6) When approved, you'll send me the payment in full, plus any other snacks or cookies you'd care to include.
7) I'll send you a link where you can download a full size, high resolution image without a watermark (but with my signature, which I humbly request not be removed) which will be available for 2 weeks.

Now, if you'd like a physical printed version of the artwork, we can do that as well, but just remember it will require additional shipping costs.

Payment Method

PayPal is my preferred method, just use my email:
If that's not a possibility for you, drop me a line and we'll work out an alternate form of payment (a money order, plundered gold ingots, your favorite servant, etc.)

What you can and can't do with your commission:

• The finished piece can be submitted to your own gallery, but please give me the proper credits. 
• You can modify the piece and use it for personal purposes, such as personal blogs, tumblr, pagan shrines, etc.
• If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you'll need to contact me first, and it will imply additional cost to the base price.
• You can hold it, caress it, sing to it. You could probably do other stuff to it, too, but I'd rather not know about it. Perv.

If you have any other questions, you can send me a note or comment on this journal. Manga tak!