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In which Percy is a pirate.

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I am known among vikings, cowering villagers and Art Directors alike as “Ingvard the Terrible.” I enjoy drawing, sailing the great northern seas, pillaging/plundering, pickled herring on crackers, and tall frosty mugs of root beer.

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Love your stuff already!
incredible great stuff that you got here my man keep the awesomeness going and you have won me over as a brand new fan!
WOOOTT? Your interpretations of the super-women re-vamps are incredible at my eyes, and you had enough evidence for us to understand that in a battle, a warrior must have the proper armor.  

I understand that people criticize your works with them because it was out of their comfort-zone, but let's face it, no one will fight in a bikini or a speedo in public, or in a cold place.

 I'm not mad that you removed the drawings, I'm mad that people, most men, prefer to see a heroine only covering her privates than one having a full protective gear set covering her body.  

The ilustrations were amaizing in my perspective, but this is democracy (1 vs. many).

I wish you prosperity on your work and apologies for making a long text.
Karmalone this is to both you and the people are aware that in real life we have something called a nudist colony or a nudist community right? where both woman and men can walk around openly naked and no one gives a crap. you talk about your daughters future well what if she grows up and decides she does not like clothing and finds it pointless and hides who she really is only for her to strip down and move to a nudist colony?

I hear people complain about Witchblade showing off her body yet we have venom who also has a living suit that protects him and his body is shown off all the time. you people talk about equality but have this double standard when it comes to women. some of these female heroes are much larger then life and then having no armor makes them even more bad ass and shows how strong they are. you can draw and i do like some of your work but what you posted with those redesigns was awful 
Thanks very much for the Watch! :salute:
cddmanfulHobbyist General Artist
I thought I had watched you a year ago! I hope you look on here sometimes.....[your cousin]
Thanks very much for the watch!