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It's been a while since my move to a new city, what one does to do everything for his job. Nevertheless, it was rather scary and weird here, but it wasn't the area but it were the residents. Every morning when I go to work, I  glance at the looks of the neighbors. Those  looks which were filled with hate and insecurity. I didn’t think much about it and I tried to ignore them.

This evening as I came back from work, I saw that a note hung on my door. Slowly I moved to the door and ripped the note from it. I looked at the note. “Scat!” stood on the note. With the thought that someone was just a joke, I balled it up and threw it away.

“HE is still here…” said a strange voice. My breath stopped for a second and I turned around. I saw a old lady standing next to my car.

“Who is…He?” I asked hesitantly, looking suspiciously to the lady.

“The one who had killed the family which lived here before.” she replied and slowly disappeared into the darkness.

“Wait!” I said hastily, but before I knew it was the lady had disappeared.

I just shook my head and then walked into my house. That night, I tossed and turned around in bed and woke up around 4:50 in a cold sweat. I dreamt of the Lady and about what she had told me before. He, who is he? I want to know who he is and what happened to the family. So I decided to investigate what happened to the family who had previously lived in this house. I got up and took my laptop in the kitchen. After I turned it on, I was browsing the Internet for information. I used search engines, asked in forums and visited the website about this city.

“Oh c’mon… I found nothing!” I sighed after hours of searching. It always took a while to answer in the forums so I turned my laptop off and waited a few days. After a few days while i was looking through my E-mail inbox, I saw that I had gotten an E-mail. I was surprised about it and i started to read the message. “Hello, I have noticed that you are looking for answers what happened in the house before, in which you are living in now. Unfortunately, I can not tell you any details, only that the committee which was responsible abandoned the house, most of the equipment stored in the attic is unclear but perhaps you might find up there evidence or even the answer to your question." Feeling uncertain, I closed my laptop and stood up. I had a lot of time until I had to go to work so I headed to the attic. I grabbed a flashlight, opened the door and walked up the stairs. There were a lot of furniture and old private stuff from the family but no evidence so far. Disappointed, I went back to the stairs, until I saw an old computer which stood in a corner. With the hope that I might find something, I grabbed the computer and took it down with. I put it in the living room and wiped the dust off of it.

After I connected it and booted it up, I noticed that something was wrong. The hard drive was empty, nothing at all except for a file, Sound.mp3. Skeptical, I clicked on it, went to the media player which was odd because on the hard drive was nothing other than the file. As the player started to play the file was nothing to be heard. I checked the speakers but everything was ok. After 30 seconds, I heard a faint noise. It sounded like a radio when it has no signal. The noise became louder and other distorted sounds were also slowly getting better to hear. The noise was getting louder, it almost hurts my ears. I tried to close the media player but that doesn’t work. A text document opened: “There is no escape”. My eyes widened and I continued trying to close the player. The noise always sounded distorted, I held my head and stood up. As the sound file finished, the computer crashed. I let myself fall back into my chair and looked at the black monitor.

I still heard the noises although it is quiet in the house. This mixture of noise, distortion tones and a high frequency tone brought me unbearable headaches all day. At work, I told a friend what happened but she just laughed and said I must have had a bad dream or something. She didn’t believe me and said I should go home and rest.

When I came home, the headaches had gotten so bad that I just stumbled into my house. I stumbled all the way into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. I had taken the tablet bottle and closed the cabinet door when saw in the mirror that something stand behind me. I quickly turned around, but there was nothing there. I rubbed my eyes and sighed with relief yet everything trembled in me and I felt a lump in my throat.

“Good lord I'm starting to hallucinate…I should get to bed” I said to myself as i went into the living room. I heard the sound of the file again, so I turned around quickly to look at the computer, but the pc was still off. I shook my head and slowly looked up as I saw that someone was standing in the hallway and looking at me. I couldn't see his face because the hall had no light but he was wearing a hoodie. I moved backwards into the kitchen, not letting that person out of my line of sight. I quickly turned to the knife rack and pulled out one of the biggest knife. As I turned around to look back at the guy, I saw that he now stood right in front me. The sight of him had me frozen. He had no eyes, only wheels which resembled that of radio regulators. You could see veins which came out under his regulator 'eyes'. I grabbed the knife and pointed it at him.

“WHO ARE YOU?! GO AWAY!!!” I yelled fearfully and threatened him further with the knife.

He didn’t answer, he just raised a hand and began to turn one of his regulators. At the moment the noise grew louder and distorted in my mind, my eyes widened as I dropped the knife and sank to the ground.

“Stop it…STOP IT!” I yelled and hunched over more and more.

He never stopped and always turned up the regulator. I looked at him and saw that he was talking to me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying because the noise in my head was too loud. My body tensed more and more until I finally became completely rigid. I was in a trance and had nothing in control. He lowered his hand and bent down to me. I looked at his face as he handed me the knife in my hand and pulled me up. Now I stood there with a knife in my hand and no free will. Again he began to spin a regulator in this moment I slowly began to move my hand and pointed the knife to my chest. In my mind, I tried to resist and fight against it but it didn't work, I only felt the knife stab into my chest and I dragged it down. I cut my whole stomach open. Blood flowed out like a river and the pain was unbearable. I pulled the knife out and I guided it towards my throat.

I started to cry and cut my throat open. I dropped the knife and struggled desperately for breath until I fell to the ground and took my last breath. The last thing I saw was the man with the regulator eyes smirking down at me.
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So guys here's the CP from Radioface!

:iconabundant-chaos: Thanks ya so much for correct my shit! ;u; :iconsupertighthugplz:

RadioFace and CP (c) me
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Hi! I have translated to Italian your Creepypasta and then I published it on Creepypasta Italia Wiki website. ^u^ Radioface is great!
Thanks for your attention.

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derpofthe2004Student Artist
omg loves it but how can he control people and if so animal just by some sound? and what brought him to do so?
KRAZYPICKLESHobbyist Traditional Artist
Did anyone else hear radio static while reading this, or was it just me...?
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brightpaw8Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg there is a role play I'm on and someone does Radioface on it(I call them Raids ;3) and I just now found the time to get his story! I watch and give u llama!
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my |DD
and thank you for watch and Llama uvu
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BenLovesMe Artist
Omfg yesh.

U Get Llama, Fave, And Watch good Person ;u;
Radioface ALL DA WAY!~                                               
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much ;u;
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BenLovesMe Artist
You're welcomed so much ;U;
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
;v; ♥
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BenLovesMe Artist
all duh luvz
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
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BenLovesMe Artist
Hey... can radio control ANIMALS? e-e
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
sure eue
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Liked the story Radioface is awesome (• _ •)
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AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Radioface sounds awesome!

Question; what's his story? Like, how Toby had a story that explained about how he had so many mental disorders and why he did what he did. Like what he all went through. So what's Radioface's story? What caused him to have radio regulators for eye?

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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thank yeh uvu

Yeah there a lot of people who asked me about his story. heh I really want to write it but I don't have any time and I have to translate it in english :'D
As soon as I can I will work on it (probably I need somone who correct my shit tho) :'D
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CielLightSuzkiStudent Digital Artist
I think I sent this to you before but I was just saying I got my friends together and my famous editor and We are working on a Origin for Radio face...I hope you like it when it is Finished
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I can make a Spanish version? ... of course I will give you the credits for the story
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twinarmegeddon2Hobbyist General Artist
this has been all over ifunny finally found it
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archangelbagelHobbyist Traditional Artist
eue it is so good!
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kiliyahStudent General Artist
cool storry
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Demonic-unicornHobbyist General Artist
You should post it on creepypasta wiki :D
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soniclover46Hobbyist Digital Artist
wholy budder balls! this is awesome
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ingloriousCardinalHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :la:
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