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Freak Show (Wanda Maximoff xReader xBucky Barnes)
 Prompt: The “Original” Avengers got to go to the carnival and they didn’t invite you? How selfish. If that’s how they want to play then you’d just have to make up your own fun. And you had two of the best people to go with you. Sadly best isn’t what many other people would call you. 3232 Words Silence. No Tony, Bruce and Steve arguing. No Natasha muttering curses in Russian. No mighty bellowing laughter from Thor. No rogue arrow sounds from Clint. Where the hell was everyone? You leaned against the counter in the tower’s main kitchen helping yourself to some pizza. The place was practically e
11thDoctorXreader: Together We'll Live, Pt 1
Lying back on the bed, you sighed, staring at the ceiling. You wouldn't be able to get up again for a while now, what with the added weight in your stomach making quick manoeuvring almost impossible. Uncomfortable on your back, you rolled on your side, grabbing a spare pillow to support your rounded stomach. It was much needed, but there were still two months to go yet... "This is so annoying..." You moaned, rolling your head slightly to prove a point to no-one or nothing in particular. A soft masculine voice shouted you name down the empty TARDIS corridors, and you moaned. The voice paused, then footsteps began to approach your room. "(Y/
Hugs (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
 “Riiiiiiiiiiiin” you whined, shifting once more in his bed. “I’m working (Name)” he growled, not even looking at you “But Rinnnnnnn”, once again you were getting on the maroon haired boy’s nerves. You had arrived at Rin’s dorm about 2 hours earlier bored to death. You hadn’t seen most of your friends for weeks due to the holidays so you were just craving human interaction. Thinking that your best friend could entertain you, you made your way to Samezuka Academy too surprise him. But when you got there you were greeted by his annoyed self, as he had being working most of the da
Stephen Strange/Reader | Rhinestone Eyes
 “I’m a scary gargoyle on the tower, that you made with plastic power, your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away…Oh, that’s electric…” You hummed to yourself as the music played. You heard the door open, but you didn’t turn around from the sink where you stood, washing the dishes. “Helicopters fly over the beach, same time everyday, same routine. A clear target in summer, when skies are blue…” “A bit too modern for my tastes,” you feel a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You smile, “Gorillaz, Rhinestone Eyes, 2010. “2010? Yeah, far too mode
Libra Me
~Libra Me~ He ran, pell-mell through the alleys of New Orleans, the cold autumn rain pelting his flesh wickedly as his thoughts blurred into a single cry of despair. His chest felt heavy, despite the lack of a heartbeat, his lungs aching as he fought to breathe. The very air seemed putrid, as if all the decay of the world had arisen before him. The dark of the night held no comfort for him, nor did the sound of his cries soothe his forlorn state, as he sprinted faster than the human eye could gauge. He had lost control. After nearly two full years of sustaining himself on mediocre sustenance, he had snapped. His resolve had been waning since
Spock x reader bookwork part 1
  You sat in the back of your class scribbling down notes quickly as you professor finished up his lesson and began handing out the monthly flyer. You didn't understand why he insisted on using paper when he could have just sent out the newsletter vie PADD, but you shrugged it off and grabbed you bag and began packing up. As you shoved your final notebook into your bag you hear something behind you and turn to see you professor Mr. Gardner in the back. You were almost perfectly average from height to your simple beauty and the teacher clearly had a thing for you, giving you special privileges and being very easy on you. "Ms. (Y/N) will you g
REQ: Competition (adult!GotenksXreader)
REQ: Competition (Adult!GotenksXreader) (A/N: Requested. Uh, for the sake of this one shot, let's imagine Trunks and Goten realised they suck individually and permanently fused or... something? Race neutral, ooc as expected.) A light shower of rain falls from above, it was not unwelcome given the summers heat, you raise your head, eyes closed, letting the refreshing water cool your skin for a moment before returning to your task. You look down at the radar in your hand, the forth dragon ball was close by. Your (e/c) shift to survey your surroundings, you were in the middle of a large forest, the distinct scent of damp earth was everywhere.
My Muse (Narsus x Reader)
Another day had passed in Peshawar for (Y/N). It’s been just over a week ever since you were first welcomed into the fortress. You had been an old friend of Narsus and an even older friend of Daryun. In fact, you had even met the young prince back when he was eleven. But you being the nurse maid and trained guard of one of the Parsian nobles’ daughters, had to stay rooted to your master and never got to see any of your old friends often. It was only until the Lusitania finally took over the city when you were able to escape. You vowed to forever pledge your allegiance to the young prince, unlike the noble you worked for, who easil
My Favorite Treat (Narsus x Reader)
At the time you were more than happy that Narsus had arrived to Peshawar safely. You had already been there along with Daryun, Prince Arslan, Gieve, and your partner, the priestess, Falangies. You yourself were a person of the temple and you were the second best warrior next to Falangies, therefore you were both sent to aid and protect the young prince. Upon meeting the Prince, you felt that he was kind and would make a fine ruler. After all, he did have very good advisors to support him, that included the noble, Lord Narsus. When you first met the ex-Parsian noble and his servant, Elam, you were of course suspicious of them. But you quickly
Nightwing x Reader: Survivor
:bulletblack: :bulletblue: Nightwing x Reader: Survivor :bulletblue: :bulletblack: It had started when he'd saved her from a mugging gone wrong. (F/n) had convinced herself in the months that followed the attack, that she had merely been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. . . But deep down she knew better. Gotham was the kind of place that bred the scum of the earth. So, it was logical to assume that someone, somewhere would be royally screwed over. She had been coming home from work, when she'd been cornered at gunpoint. She had handed her purse and valuables over without a fuss. No material goods were worth her life. But even after th
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Thank you for the watch! :)
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I wanted to thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it! :iconloveturquoiseplz:
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