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So Christmas kinda went over to becoming this big thing, before I suddenly found myself abroad.
And once I returned I kinda realised I wan't allowed inn to dA from my laptop.

So hi.
I'm back.
If anyone still remember who I am, please tell me as I seem to have forgotten...
Traditional art time ! pt2
Must have been half a year, but ps is installing on a fixed computer as I'm typing, so there's that. 

Not sure what I'll do now though. 

Edit: Going to try streaming some:
So, every time I upload a piece to a free exchange group, I keep getting questions from people wondering when I'll join the next time, etc. Assuming this is because people would like to participate as well, and considering the answer should technically always be "never", I figured I'd tell in advance this time. :)


Signups close august 21st.

it's a really fun group where no whining and any level of art-skill is accepted. ;)

Seeing I still have the artwork to finish, I'll start a stream as I continue the work if anyone want to keep me company. :)

Music suggestions are welcome, but restricted to instrumental only, as I don't feel like listening to lyrics today. 
Sun is shining. 
The birds are singing.
And students are fleeing south from exams. 

What better is there to inspire the mind of this artist?

Full painting - Redoing a piece
Nope, not moving or anything. dA will forever be my little nest.
But as of the last couple of weeks I have revisited my twitter and started using it rather frequent. Thus I want to expand my horizon as of who I can follow there.
(Yep, that's a "please promote yourself")

Oh, and for those interested, my twitter it would be;

It have protected tweets, so I'll be selective of who I let follow me, but hey; no harm in trying? ;)


When it comes to art I've been on the slow side of thing.
I had intended to get the raffle prize done end January, but managed to catch a flu and spend my entire winter break in bed. (Yeah, go me)
I'm working on it now, but I can't guarantee when it will be done, seeing I now have to puzzle art hours’ in-between school and all the independent grown up food making stuff.
To make up for that dead end I'll most likely try to host a stream or more this coming month if my net gets any better.

So how was your winter? :)

Yep you heard right! Took me an extra day to sort through and ensure all were on the list etcetera. (Though I'll admit half of it was me not having guts to actually go and draw the random number.)
Honestly, it felt kinda anti climax to only have one number pop up. Though I think finding that person on the list made up for it as I could certainly feel my heart beat! xD

No drum-roll, as I imagine all will know if they got a notification from this journal or not. However, for anyone still curious:

The winner of the 2015 raffle:

(Okay, I changed my mind. Please add a drum-roll:)



You can expect a note from me shortly! :)

And to all the rest of you, thanks for participating, and happy holidays! ^^ 

I might do this again next summer, if I don't have too long of a summer job. 
So until next time. ;)
EDIT2: Ok. All of my ps files and drawn images are gone. 
(Or well, encrypted potentially. I'll still be working on that.)
Good thing is I still have my dA gallery, and as an artist I can only improve anyway. 
But the most important is that I got rid of all virus threat, in conclusion I'd say it is a 50/100 in regards to how satisfied I am. At least considering what happened.

What does this mean?
Not too much for starters.
I Lost the larger paintings I was working on, but the limited time left till christmas means I would have taken a break from it anyway, seeing my raffle has a deadline of December 14th
Thus; as long as no other error occur, the raffle will run according to schedule.
In the event I however find more stuff to be deleted, I will have my computer wiped entirely, and might as well send it to maintenance to get its fan fixed. But worry not, all the raffle details are backed up on google drive, I can technically draw the winner from a school laptop. (Yeah, I keep backup of that but not my art. OTL)

Basically, all but people from pkmnation can rest easy, as the later's time will be done to restore my ref base. 

EDIT: My friend told me that when a pc deletes something, it basically just allows itself to save on top of the file. Thus the files are sill there, disappearing one by one as you save new things. 
The good thing being certain programs can still read the files. One being recuva
So after running to the store to buy an external hard-drive, I am now backing up to see what can be rescued. 

So thank you all for your kind words, and hope this might also help some of you who have experienced something similar. :)
Not sure what happened.
Woke up today and half of my folders are gone. Including the one with all I have ever drawn. 
Basically only folders with names from A-D remain.

Do anyone have a possible explanation or a way that could solve this?
EDIT2: It is now 00:15-14.12.2015 and I'm just dropping inn to say the raffle is closed!
The votes will be counted over and I'll make sure any participant have not made it twice to the main list, before I draw the winner tomorrow!
- See you guys then!


Simple: I'm going to host a raffle of a fully painted artwork of a singular character. Quality will be that of my recent artworks going by the feature folder. But instead of people fighting for it, I want people to join inn on the fun and rather decide who it will be gifted to.

To sign someone up; write their username in the comment bellow. 
  • If you want them to know simply use a dev code to give them a mention, if not, do it anonymously by writing it in letters only. Either works for me. 
  • If someone have already been signed up by someone else, you can still sign them up one time more, but doing so will not give them an extra vote. Instead it will add a small percentage, to avoid this being a contest of how many know the same person or something.
  • Each deviant can sign up as many as they please, but also keep in mind that pasting your entire watch list decreases the chance for those you wish to win.
  • If you forget anyone, please do not edit or respond to your own comment. All entries will be listed in an excel sheet with numbers, so I will not notice if any changes are made.
  • Do not list your own name.
  • Faving/featuring this journal means nothing. 
  • You do not need to be a watcher to sign someone up.

:bulletred: Lastly, I want to add that I can draw anything as long as it does not contain any fetishes or other NSFW nor is religiously themed. If such content is requested by the winner, they will be asked to change the request. Do note I will keep the right to select another winner through a second draw, if such changes are not made. :bulletred:
A second draw will also be made if I am unable to come in contact with the selected deviant or any communication exceeds one week in response time. 

Deadline is the 14th of December

This journal will be updated once the signup closes, but do keep in mind it will be during my exam period, so I might need some additional time to sort through the list and make sure all is fine before a winner will be drawn and announced. 
I might draw a 2nd place if I have enough time to finish an additional drawing over my new years vacation.
I'm opening request for a little while seeing I messed up with it last week.
This time it is just requests, so link me your characters. ^^
Only rules is that one need to be a watcher, and I won't draw nsfw nor religiously themed characters. :)

No specific number as I'll choose what I feel like drawing from the pile. 

And the stream is live ~ [OFFLINE]

Wed May 13, 2015, 7:09 AM

Thank you all for comming! :)

Just finished my last exam and feel like drawing. 
No real plan for the stream other than testing out my new tablet nibs, so might do anything from doodling requests to working on art I owe. 

Follow link to get to stream:…

I'm not used to this recorder, so please report any issue you find. 

At some point the stream will go on a break as I'll leave for dinner. This journal will be updated on my return.

With no further notes to add, I bid you all welcome, and remind you to be gentle to all the people in chat. 

Let's schedule a livestream tomorrow

Tue May 12, 2015, 5:31 AM

Long time no stream, no?
At least that's what I was thinking.

Plan is to start not too long after I get home, so maybe 3-4 pm (+2 GMT), but I might start earlier if my exam goes better than expected. As I know most of you will find this a bit early, I plan on making it a longer session. Especially as I intend to draw and finish the kiriban head-shot, before working on some larger paintings. 

Non the less, I hope to see you all there. :)

And of course, a reminder of the rules would be to be nice to all in chat.
This also includes critiques.
Although I am very comfortable getting them in regards to my art, I want you all to keep in min that unless I draw my own characters, I'd rather not hear any critique of the design of the character itself. As it belongs to another person, chances are they might be offended. 
So a summary: If you critique, I will be very pleased, but do not give me critique for another persons design, as that's closer to talking behind their back (while they are potentially watching) than anything constructive.
The rest I think goes without saying. 

Music to my ears

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 7:14 PM

Edit: Read image description for details. 

Happy pi day everyone

Sat Mar 14, 2015, 11:33 AM

I celebrated with cheese cake. 

My age just leveled up!

Fri Oct 17, 2014, 8:26 AM

I want to thank you all for all the happy wishes and neat little gifts! 
You guys really made my day! :D

I must say though, that despite reaching the last part of alcohol limits and all of that, I feel I'm finally actually starting to catch up with my age moving out and all. 
It's strange to realize you matured really, but it is also a great feeling when you can verify that you are independent. :)

In fact, I'd say apart from studies trying to drown me in work, life is actually going pretty smooth.
And I might be able to get the worst of what I owe done before my exams start.

So how's life going for the rest of you guys? 

NB! Might be moving {AGAIN}

Fri Sep 26, 2014, 3:05 PM

Haha, sorry for the inconvenience, but I've gotten an offer to move in with some new friends. xD
The full story is that I made some friends living in a 4 man's apartment, and after coming over making dinner for one another (as making a larger meal is both more fun and cheap) they mentioned they had an extra room and asked if I was interested. 
It basically means living with 3 people instead of 1, but in return, the rent is cheaper.
Beside, the move is just next door, which means that there won't be much change.
The only thing that holds me back is that I know I am far more introverted than these people, so I'm slightly uneasy to give up on the easy isolation that is my current apartment. xD

Anyway, I just wanted to post a journal while I am still deciding to ensure that all of you know I might be changing address a second time. 
So if anyone sent me a letter addressed to this apartment, I'd like to know as I need to watch out for it. 
I won't be moving for another week, so I do believe I'll be able to receive all post sent in the last week, but yeah. Having a list of what to expect would be great. 

Beside this there is not that much to update on.
I am currently working on a piece for a very late trade that I have been redrawing over and over the last months. 
I do however believe I am satisfied with the current piece so far and will try to have it done as soon as possible. As I've finally picked up on some inspiration, I want to avoid having to place it on hold for another week as I'm closing in on another deadline. 
But that means you guys will at least see one if not two pieces coming up shortly. (At least if compare it to last years activity.)

In addition, one of my new friends own a car, which give me a glimmer of hope that I'll be able to get a hold of a proper desk, as the one in my current apartment is too short for my chair to be at my preferred height. (basically, if I desire to sit with my feet down, the edge of the table cuts all blood circulation in my legs) Which should also boost my ability to draw along with the fact that I managed to get a hold of an ancient scanner for only 100 nok (about 20 usd) making traditional sketches a thing for any future pieces. 

This being said, how's the daily life coming along for the rest of you? :)

Ah, so even if journals aren't my thing, I figured I might as well write one now to inform you all I'll be moving out tomorrow.
The idea is that I'll move to this school located in the middle of no(rway)where, to study economics. 

I'm not sure how this will affect my art, as I've always been a busy person.
If anything I'll get more stuff done as it will be far less social. 
However, dude to bad connection, I won't be able to reply messages like I've done over my phone as of late. 
So if anyone want to contact me, I guess skype and dA would be equally fast now. 

This being said, I look forward to the opportunity of moving out, as well as leaving somethings behind.
Even if it means I won't see my dear friends as often, I guess I just need to keep the positive thoughts. 
After all, my age considered, it is far past its time for me to give this weird world a try. 

With every new residence comes a new address.
So for those of my pen-pals that want the new one, it is just to drop a note.
However, do note that this will only last a year (or 9 months) so please make sure you do not send anything in the last month as it might not reach me in time.
If you are unsure you can always just send it to my old address, as it belongs to my parents who are entirely fine with this deal. 

So how have you guys been? 
I've been meaning to make an update for a while, but real life just struck me, and before I knew it, I was back on the schedule of working for 14 hours straight, only leaving time to eat and sleep. 
And even though I tried my best to at least be on skype, even that was cut short when I went from working at home to school. 

My "Finals" are not really over yet, but there is a smaller break now, as we close in on the 17th of May, which is Norway's Constitution Day.
... Or something along those lines. 

But hey, at least you all know what's going on.

I also posted a poll a while back, asking about commissions and art trades.
Unlike what some thought, I was more curious to see what people preferred in general rather than asking what I'd do next personally.
However, the answers got me kinda wonder if I should not just open up one or two trades after the end of my finals.

Oh, and for the duck in the hallway.
I'm not sure what my school was thinking, but we were not allowed out of our classroom because they were filming a duck.
That's an anti climax, when told this way, no?

But before I start to ramble; How are you all? :)

Going to host a stream tomorrow evening starting about 18:30 my time. (+2 GMT)
The stream will be open to all members, and one only have to pop by to drop ones request.

Do keep in mind it will be hosted over Picartio, who will insist you need to log inn for access to the chat. This is a lie. Simply refresh (f5) to dispel of the message and gain access.

This journal will be resubmitted with a link as an additional reminder once the stream starts. :)