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:happybounce::iconbouncyhai: For the first time since I joined DA I won a prize in a contest!:happybounce::iconbouncyhai:
:happybounce::iconbouncyhai: I made the 3rd place in the autumn competition held by the  group :iconplanet-photo: :happybounce::iconbouncyhai:

:happybounce::iconbouncyhai: My entry was::thumb184232835: :happybounce::iconbouncyhai:


the 1st place: My dying trident by furstripe by furstripe
the 2nd place: :thumb195235665: by MarkusDS


I have been tagged by Serena and David :iconfurimmerundewig:

I admit that I've been tagged before but I never answered to questions because I don't like this game (maybe I would  kike it if I was 40 years younger ;)) But as it's a cold and grey Sunday today and as Serena and David are two very nice young people I decided to play along. But I'm sorry, I will break the rules: I won't tag anybody!

1. why are you here on DA ?
    Because in a moment of craziness I clicked the "join" button without knowing what was lying ahead of me :P

2. did you came to DA because of somebody else ?
    Because my daughter encouraged me to join

3. do you like the " Pirates of the Caribbean " movies ?
    I only know the first one and yes I liked it :giggle:

4. do you have the feeling too that everybody is leaving DA ?
    No, not everybody, you and I we are still here ;)

5. did you knew that Philips made " Zelda " video games ?
    What the hell is "Zelda" ?

6. Laser or Ink Printer ?
    Ink printer

7. how many languages do you speak fluently, and which ?
    Just one: my native language German ;)

8. for Christmas: classic halogen lightbulbs or modern modern LED technology ?
    Hey, I'm modern!!! We have LEDs! :)

9. do you think DDs are always well chosen ? do you want one ?
    No not always, but if I would get one that would be well chosen ;)

10. do you want to be married ? will be soon ? are already ?
     O yes, I'm married! You want to know how long? Since 37 years!!! And you want to know if you still can be happy together after all this time? Yes you can! :heart:


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:party: Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Dein Bild ist wirklich spitze; es hätte in meinen Augen sogar den ersten Platz verdient. :thumbsup:
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Danke für das Kompliment! :D
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Gern geschehen! ;)
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:aww: dankeschön dass du mitgemacht hast :hug::heart:
wie gesagt, ich dachte eigentlich niemand würde sie auch nur lesen :D ...

und herzlichen Glückwunsch :iconowowplz::heart: !!
es ist schwer hier etwas zu gewinnen :D

und es ist so schön zu hören das ihr nach so vielen jahren (länger als wir auf der welt sind :giggle:) noch so glücklich seid :hug: !! wir verstehen uns soooooo suuuuper, machen absolut alles zusammen (nur ein paar stunden in der uni und wir vermissen den anderen) und werden ja auch bald heiraten und wir möchten dass es für immer so bleibt :heart: !!
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:lol: war gar nicht so schlimm und Dank für die Gratulation!

Euch beiden alles Liebe und dass ihr immer zusammen glücklich bleibt!
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thanks for featuring the group
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Congrats and thanks for the mention! :icongrin--plz:
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Herzlichen Dank! :icongrin--plz:
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:squee: Das ist ja großartig - da gratuliere ich ganz herzlich :clap: :-)
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Vielen herzlichen Dank! :hug:
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I totally stole your quizz. :P
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I'm sure Serena and David =FurImmerUndEwig are very glad that you answered their questions! :) I sent them a link to your journal.
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I like to reply those quizzes when I have nothing else to do... I read your journal and decided to steal from you. :D
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