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Sparkle Brushes 3 photoshop

This package contains 7 sparkle brushes.

Ive included an imagepack, gimp brushes and a photoshop .abr file.

Please credit me if you use these, and don't forget to comment and show me what you have made with these.
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yes! Thanks!
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I used your brushes to add some sparkle to a Cinderella lineart I colored. Here is the piece if you'd like to see it.…
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You're welcome:D
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I will use your brushes in a lot of pictures, ok? I will credit you in the journal :)
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Wonderful brushes! They were used here [link] :iconcocoloveplz:
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Thank you for using my brushes :P Your sky looks beautifully!
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This really cool
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Wow, thanks alot for this! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a sparkly brush. <3
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I used your brush here [link]
I hope you don't mind.
Thank you very much :)
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You're welcome :) Ofcourse I don't mind:) It looks pretty, did you draw that image yourself:O
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Yes..I drew it myself :)
Thank you very much :hug:
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Do they work with Photoshop 7?
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I don't know:P but I think they will
You could try putting them in photoshop 7, if they don't work you'll get an error message I guess:)
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Sparklesparklesparkle *w*
Nice C:
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Super cute!
I downloaded them :)
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Humm... I'll probably use those for a school project, if that's okay. Like, I'll take some photos for it and need some sparkle in them^^
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yes ofcourse that's fine by me =D
good luck with your school project ^^:)
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