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Gimp brushes by dreamygraphics

This package contains 6 brushes made with Photoshop CS.

Ive also included an imagepack and a photoshop .abr file.
Please credit me (or my site if you use these, and don't forget to comment and show me what you have made with these.
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:heart: I will try out these brushes. Thank you for creating them! I will be sure to credit you. :heart:
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Raising Wolf, I had the problem until I found out that files downloaded from DaFont and GIMP brushes, ect. are ZIPPED FILES that need to be 'unzipped'. Download 'CAM UnZip'(Google CAM UnZip Download). Then try and download it, but instead of save press 'Open'. It'll take you to the program. From there you click on 'Extract To:' (the '...' button) and click on 'skoke weed every day' in the new window. CLick on the GIMP file, then click on brushes. SAme things with fonts, except in fonts. Good luck!
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I downloaded your brushes and maybe will soon check them out :) thanks a lot for sharing them on dA!
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thank you for using them:P
This is a stupid question but do yuu know the background of the preview pic for this set of brushes [ it's orange, redish with greenish in the middle ] , can yuu give me a tutorial on how to do that whole preview not just the colors for "Gimp".
If yuu can't that's ok!! ♥ [ p . s . yur brushes are very cute!! ]
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it's not that hard;) you start with a gradient, with green in the middle, and orange at the sides (if you click on the gradientbutton in gimp, you can get a new menu where you can change the shape of your gradient into billinair in stead of lineair). and then you make a new layer and put your brushes in there. I usually use several layers for this, so I can change the opacity or change the mode from normal to for example soft light;). This way, it looks like the brushes go into your background, and they don't all look the same. I think that's it, basically =D
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how do you download it to gimp?
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maybe you can check google?
my computer is in dutch which makes it more difficult to explain ;)
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oo haha yea i am going to keep trying
X] thanks anyway
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It wont let me download....
When i click download it takes me to a blank page with that picture,
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Uh thats strange, I will look at it when I get home after school
In the mean time you can use this link, it has also the gimp package in it ;)

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