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Sheldon's grin small -GIF-

By IngDianita
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I love this smile is so scary! A little grinch-ish

Check out the larger version [link]


Check out my previous The Big Bang Theory artwork

Season 2 episode 22 "The Classified Materials Turbulence" min 16:50-16:52
I do not own The Big Bang Theory or its characters, they belong strictly to the creator(s) of the show, no copyright infringement intended
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oh he is so smexy :D
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I actually LOVE Jim Parsons' smile :love: awesome gif
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me too :D and thank you
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ooh my thats creepy! what is he thincking?!
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OMG YUSS. ^-^ this made my day :love:
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My thoughts exactly when I first saw him smile like that. He must be the Grinch's son. xD
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OMG, his smile is so cute. I love him!
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wuaaaaaaah sheldooooon.! xD
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About my God
What charm
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Well look at it this way... it's no where NEAR as scary as his OTHER smile! XDD
Personally I think this is more of a sensual smile. and I LIKE it!! :D
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Man, Sheldon is so epic XD
He is so unworldly, it just makes for hilarious scenes! (X
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yep, he's one of a kind
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how do you make gif animations of parts?
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i use the media player classic which have the option to take pictures of the video, you choose the specific parts you want and save those pictures, then i put them all together in Gimp and then i edit them and i save it as a gif, i hope i made it clear, my english is not very good :)
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YES! My sister and I were just saying that last night... He's got a Grinch smile! Sheldon is awesome either way tho :heart:
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