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Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) Aims and Guidelines


Following the change of Founder for this Group, I have updated galleries, invited new members and brought in some new admin staff to help. A fuller entry about the history of the change-over is avavilable in the Journal section. Here I lay out the areas where I would like the Group to develop and the basic “rules” for submissions and and so on.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS - “Extra-Visible-Imaging”

As to the future,  I wish to develop this group in two broad directions: first, there is a place for show-casing best practice in photographs and thus we shall have some galleries devoted to aesthetically and technically good images, much as most galleries try to do. Criteria for acceptance to those galleries will be discussed later. Second, and possibly more importantly, I would like to develop areas of photography that are less well-known or that are experimental in the nature of their techniques, NOT limiting ourselves to infra-red work. Here are some examples, although I am open to further suggestions.:

full-spectrum photography;
UV (ultra-violet) photography;
restricted band photography (IR or whatever);
Holga techniques;
blended photography (IR with visible for example);
high dynamic range and tone-mapped images with an emphasis on infra-red;
long/short exposure images;
film photography – EIR images for example;
simulation work in infra-red;
photographic spectra;
software treatments.

The overall idea is to develop what I call “extra-visible-imaging” - images that go beyond what can be seen solely by an instantaneous shot in the visible spectrum.


Normally, we shall have a 1 vote acceptance policy with certain other guidelines as below:

no images shall be accepted that are outside those deemed permissible by deviantArt policies;

images that are pure visible spectrum images will NOT normally be acceptable, unless as comparison images in the Experimental folders or unless illustrating “extra-visible” aspects;

images in the Showcase galleries will be categorised, normally on a monthly basis, as 1, 2 or 3 star images, with 1 star assessed as adequate, 2 stars being assessed as good, and 3 stars as exceptional;

images for the Experimental folders need NOT have significant aesthetic quality, but MUST be accompanied by a brief explanation of what they are and what aspect of experimental technique they are illustrating (for example,”this image has been obtained using a modified camera such that only ...” or “an experimental image using such and such a technique to obtain an IR blend...”)

ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES (with apologies to ArtWorldToday)

Founder – Overall control plus responsibilities as shown below.
Co-Founders and Contributors:
Be polite and friendly at all times;
Contribute as much as you can;
Vote as often as you can;
Give feedback when needed;
Invite people to the group and welcome them upon arrival;
Talk to one another;
Feedback on ideas for the Group and developments in the wider photographic world;
Keep active.


Try and stay active;
Contribute when you can;
Treat others the way you would like to be treated;
Members may be kicked out and blocked for bad behaviour.

© 2012 - 2021 Infrared-Club
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Thanks for the welcome to the group and all. I don't do any IR photography, minus one failed first attempt at it a few days ago. I'll try again though because I'm interested in it and interested in broadening the scope of what I can do. I do mostly (fake) HDR now, so it doesn't take a whole lot to broaden my horizons here. :) I'm mostly here to view great work, get inspired, support/bug my good dA friend, David (surprising how similar of a line those two cross?), and have fun. I haven't yet finished my chainsaw story yet, David, be prepared for that one to hit your comment box at some point! :D
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Is the Holga gallery for IR Holga work or ANY Holga work, and will we be accepting digital work edited to look like a Holga or just the real thing? And just a thought, could we extend it to "Holga and toy cameras" to capture all the Diana, Lomo, and Lubitel fans out there?

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Jonny - any Holga work and your idea of any "toy" cameras is a good one. Also pinhole! We can have edited images as well. I think we need to insist that submissions must say what has been done - nothing wrong with that - just so we and others know.

Not much in this area has come in, and we probably need to publicise this some more by finding appropriate images and submitting them to the Group.


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Plenty of latitude there :thumbsup:
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I was not sure until I read these guidelines where I might fit in. Sounds good to me. I have Holga friends that I will run this by. Thanks for steering me here. Cheers! Gayle
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Hi Gayle - thank you for the comment - I guess this is an expanded version of what I said on the other post. The whole Group and the idea of Extra-Visible Imaging are works-in-progress. Any ideas, comments, views and appropriate contributions are welcome. We're currently working on an in-house colour scheme for style sheets. I need to add some further galleries to reflect HDR and exposure time work and so on. Lots to do.

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