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Space Station Infrared Video CHECK THIS OUT NOW…


Best of March Poll Winner Announced: UnderFloorboardWorld underfloorboardworld.deviantar… :iconunderfloorboardworld:
04:20 290531703 by UnderFloorboardWorld


Three New Expert Members Appointed - Robpolder , agelisgeo, and 700nm900nm .

Ghost Contest Winners Announced…


Affiliate Submission Collection added to Favourites


Our Group has been featured at ArtWorldToday… with a very neat write-up by Angela. Some of our images are shown. Many Thanks to Angela, and to everyone in our SuperGroup who have helped get us noticed :squee:


External links to hot spotting and Lenses added


Ghost Contest Announced


New external links added - thanks to Colin for these. Check out  Multispectral photography


A new favourites collection has been added - January 2012 Staff Choices - a compilation of those shots chosen by Staff but not included in the final Best of January 2012 category.


Check out this link, found by Colin, to . There is an infrared section and many other goodies.


Our Contributor Nick (Spigget) has provided two more links that are "must sees" for the technically inclined. One shows a great example of an image from a sensor having a Bayer array compared to that from a Sigma Foveon sensor.

SpiggetBayer by Okavanga               SpiggetVisionLabVideo by Okavanga

The second shows a video of lenses and filters (and dollar bills!) from Nick's Vision Lab in visible and IR light, showing that things are not always as they appear.


POLLS - Note the addition of three polls. As deviantArt polls allow only one answer via radio buttons please highlight the most important answer or that which is nearest your view.

Many Thanks.

   SpiggetVideo by Okavanga

One of our contributors, Spigget (Nick), , has posted a video on YouTube illustrating his use of the Sigma SD14 for infrared and full spectrum work. In addition, he demonstrates his post-processing techniques. Even if you don't work with the Sigma camera, there is a great deal in this video for everyone. Here's the link…


ISSUE 6 RED is out by simplicity-fan                                         

One of our co-founders, dingodave, is interviewed about his excellent infrared work in Point of Simplicity zine.…

Sample image:   .: Times Like These II :. by DavidCraigEllis

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A nice simple tutorial for processing IR pixs to monochrone.
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Wow, those links to MrSpigget are great, many thanks Nick :thumbsup:
The link to Nick's examples of Bayer v Foveon are exactly why I bought into Sigma cameras early last year & never regretted the move. It is very hard to explain to people the Foveon sensor concept but Nick has hit the nail on the head with his visual reproduction of the Foveon technology.
I now own three Sigma cameras, SD15, DP1 & DP2. The DP2 I have removed the 'hot mirror' to make this a full time 'full spectrum' camera, capable of capturing the full spectrum of the silicon sensor, approximately 350nm to 1100nm wavelengths. Our eyes see about 400 to 700nm, this is what we see in a rainbow. I can place different light filters to capture InfraRed or UltraViolet spectrum's too or other combinations.
We are lucky to have a Nick & his vast knowledge here. Thanks Nick.