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Used to be a tree. P1010943, with story by harrietsfriend
IRtree. AIR2004da by harrietsfriend
Evening clouds IR. P1020004, with story by harrietsfriend
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Fernworthy Reservoir in Infrared: 26 by yaschaeffer
Above and Below by Questavia
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The Village by bamboomix
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Mira's hair by robpolder

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Twisted by robpolder
Venus look by robpolder

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Saba's back curves by robpolder
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Websters Falls Park 6(IR) by RuralCrossroads360
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Following a recent poll which showed members were interested in having more tutorials, here is a list of current tutorials and discussions in the Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) Group .

“How to take and postprocess infrared photos” by Francy-93 (Francesca)


Very good introduction and guide for newcomers.

“The Complete Color IR Tutorial Guide Walkthrough” by Vlue (Evan)


More detailed description of working and post-processing infrared images.

“Infrared color gradation” by Aerobozt (Goldy)


A Photoshop based tutorial on how to vary colour in IR photographs by gradients.

“Infrared Photography Preset” by comicidiot


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom preset for post-processing.

“IR Conversions and White Balance” by jythie


A more advanced description of filters and aspects of white balance.

“IR Workflow” by mIkeschwaRz


Excellent post-processing workflow, Photoshop based, but portable to other editing software.

“Canon 40D Conversion – Full Spectrum Imaging” by Okavanga


Some notes about starting out on full spectrum imaging.

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Best of August 2016

Wed Aug 31, 2016, 6:23 AM

EOS M Super Takumar 7 IR Orchardton Tower by Okavanga

Welcome to the Best of August Feature from The Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) :iconinfrared-club:


Note the new format - snazzy or what!  Many thanks to danlev for inventing this skin. Hero Journal Skin

While the Group continues to attract a goodly number of submissions each month, most of high to excellent quality, the feedback to these features is poor, and has been declining over the last few months. I have decided to organise matters slightly differently, in that there will now be a Submissions Folder, rather than a monthly folder, and I shall, on occasion, feature images from the new folder and redistribute the submissions to the main theme folders such as People, Scapes, Trees and so on, again on an occasional basis. If anyone wishes to write blogs for the Group or help in running and development please let me know. One idea that was briefly successful a couple of years ago was featuring a personal collection. A member would peruse the galleries that we have and pick, say, 10 or 20 favourites on a theme, and post that as a feature. If you want to participate but are unsure how to do that, let me know, and we shall work one jointly.

I am dropping my commentaries on the selected images - this time just ten images that I think are particularly good. 

Welcome to new members: 1PSD :icon1psd: Silverdory :iconsilverdory: Shelagnoa :iconshelagnoa:

Best of August Images

Concentrating by Shelagnoa  Shelagnoa

Jill and Angel in Infrared by grandart  grandart

Gaenseturm by Bunny-with-Camera  Bunny-with-Camera

Colourscape 1 by robpolder  robpolder

A bluish day.IRD200-1873, with story by harrietsfriend  harrietsfriend

Golden Field by bamboomix  bamboomix

Tower Bridge by eprowe  eprowe

Renu Garden by helios-spada  helios-spada

Castles of Dreams - XIII.b by DimensionSevenDimensionSeven


That's all just now. Happy viewing.

David aka Okavanga :iconokavanga:

Skin by Dan Leveille

Super Takumar Lives!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 24, 2016, 1:12 AM
In a break from my wildlife photos and features, I pick up a clever idea of Richard richardldixon who, a couple of months ago, posted an image taken with a Canon EOS M camera fitted with the marvelous Pentax Super Takumar lens via an adapter. I post a couple of his images below.

Bust rld 01 BW dasm by richardldixonKodak Duaflex II rld o1 dasm by richardldixon

By chance, I have one of these lenses from when I started serious photography as a post-doc at the University of York in 19** - a long time ago. The Asahi Super Takumar range of lenses was widely regarded at the time to be the bee's knees of heavy glass lenses, and the one that had wide acclaim was the 1:1.4/50 lens with  apertures running from f/16 to f/1.4. At 50 mm it is a prime lens, zoom lenses were not yet established as the norm in those days. I thought it would be useful and fun to get mine out and follow in Richard's footsteps. At his recommendation I used a K&F Concept M42-EOS M adapter, readily available at small cost on eBay and via Amazon.

Here are some results and comments.

EOS M Super Takumar 1 Flowerhead by Okavanga  EOS M Super Takumar 9 Flower by Okavanga

My first example shows a flower head in good focus, and a nice fading off to a blurred background. I quickly found that focusing was tricky in that there is, of course, no auto focusing with this system, everything has to be worked out at the time, and the lens very carefully adjusted to achieve focus. The LCD screen on the EOS M helps in this as you can view what you are about to shoot, but in bright light LCD screens are difficult to see clearly. Secondly, I found out that working at f/1.4 - a very useful feature in those far off days - leads to soft focusing no matter how careful you are. So, most of what you see here has been taken at f/8, the recognised sweet spot for the lens.

As the camera is a modern digital one, all the processing facilities are available for use, including whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG. All my shots were recorded in RAW format, and so monochrome or colour final versions are easily available. The second shot illustrates a flower head in colour. I've used Photoshop's Lightroom to post-process these images, but just in the manner that I would for any other shots. I think the colour rendition is excellent, with only the most minor tweaks to sharpness and exposure being needed. There seems to me to be no lens distortion of colour.

Back to monochrome for my next two shots, first one of my cottage on a dull day. The tonal range is very good, and personally I think it is better than the EOS M lenses themselves. Again, careful focusing was required, but for landscape shots, simply setting the focusing ring at infinity works a treat. The main drawback for some, but fun for older photographers like me, is that all aspects of exposure need to be thought out. So, having fixed my aperture to f/8, I need to adjust ISO and shutter speed to obtain an acceptable image - just like the old film days, but with instant feedback via the digital camera. In addition, I tweaked this image in Lightroom by applying a gradient filter to see if there was any detail in the "Tupperware" grey sky. Indeed there was, showing that the lens was picking up the small light variations not seen by the naked eye. The second shot below shows the Old Kirk at Kirkandrews I've included this because my friend Max MaxArceus was interested to hear about "coo palaces" in the region - buildings including churches, houses, and farm buildings designed and built  mainly in Victorian times to look like old castles. When was this little church with its portcullis and battlements built? 1906!! However, from the point of view of this feature if you zoom in then there is good detail to be seen, and I have not made any special effort to sharpen these.

EOS M Super Takumar 3 LR Gradient by Okavanga  EOS M Super Takumar 4 Old Kirk by Okavanga

Of course, I cannot leave well enough alone - I have to see what else can be done with this combination of old lens with new digital body. Naturally, I turned to infrared photography. I simply stuck an IR filter onto an adapter ring on the lens, using Blu-Tack so that only IR light would pass through. I spent some considerable time messing about with exposure times, ISO values and apertures to achieve some reasonable results, and once that was done I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Super Takumar lens is an excellent lens for IR work in two regards. The first is that there is no hot spot apparent even when working at f/8. I think the reason is that in olden days films in cameras were not that responsive to IR light (except specialist IR film). Thus, no need for hot mirrors, and no need for special anti-reflective coatings to contain or diminish IR light in lenses. The result is hot spot free IR photography on a digital camera. Secondly, these old lenses have that magic marking on the focusing ring, not usually found on modern lenses - the IR focusing mark! You set the focus distance by turning the ring manually and a little red diamond is the mark against which you set the distance, say 10 meters, for visible light. Now, just to the left of that diamond is a single red line, and that is the focusing point for IR light. So, you set your distance to that mark. And it works, it works a treat, you can see it on the LCD screen, at least if you look hard enough. The tip here though is that you set up your camera lens and IR filter on a tripod, open the aperture to f/1.4 and set a Tv of typically 5 seconds. That is enough to show you an image on the screen. Now carefully adjust the focus using that single red line as the marker. Close the aperture to f/8, and shoot. The first image below shows a landscape (so the infinity setting on the focus ring was used, aligned with the IR focus mark) with a 10 second exposure. I adjusted the exposure/contrast in Lightroom, but otherwise nothing much by way of post-processing. I like the way the 10 second exposure has "rolled out" the clouds. The second shot is of Orchardton Tower, and there is a pleasing variation in tonality from the different types of foliage.

EOS M Super Takumar 6 IR Dundrennan by Okavanga  EOS M Super Takumar 7 IR Orchardton Tower by Okavanga

Good on Richard to think of this assembly, and I think it wonderful that this fabulous lens from the 1960s can still be used with modern cameras to great effect.



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