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Bullet; Green Off-site and commercial use are allowed.
Bullet; Yellow Credit is appreciated, but not necessary. Have fun!
Bullet; Red Don't sell/reupload my stock or claim it as your own!
(Premade backgrounds etc. are fine)
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Thanks,used here:

Evil Red
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Used here: Goretober 23: Self-Harm

Thank you again, this is one of my favorite stocks out there!!
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Hello, dear,used here,thank you!
Highness by Danilo-Costa
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Used here,thank you very much!
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Used here:…

Just what I needed, thank you :)
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I used your stock here Angelum Lucis by LevanaTempest
Thanks for sharing! :heart:
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I used this stock as a part of a series:…
I hope you like it!
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The glories and terrors of Texture 71 have not yet been fully revealed in the 'work in progress' NinjaRabbit-Stock's Volcano Demon WIP by aegiandyad . I hope top produce a much improved version soon.
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...and here it is NinjaRabbi-Stock Volcano Demon Dry Brush On Canvas by aegiandyad . This is much 'finer' and more 'sensitive'.
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This is a piece of art in its own right, although I'm still tempted to play with it.
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Thank you! :heart:
I would love to see your result.
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Unfortunately you can't quite, yet. What you've got now is an intermediate result or false finish. The start had been good but I'm back to only having your original to work on as Photoshop crashed with all on board files when I had to restart my computer. I can't remember all the details of what I did and will have to start again. It is my ambition to produce a 'better' version than the WIP so far posted.
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That's bad, I know that problem. :/
Good luck with the new start!
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It's done...I quite like it, this time.
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Thank you for providing such a useful texture!

Used here:
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Thank you for using! I like the style in that piece. :)
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