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Operating System: win vista :(
Favourite cartoon character: Danteee ^^

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cruel intentions, becoming jane, the other boleyn girl, vanity fair, the big nothing
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the killers, muse, fleur, loc dog, within temptation, lacuna coil, tarja turunen
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la2, prince of persia, bioshock, bloodrayne, tomb raider
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web-designing, blogging, drawing, nothing-doing

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ах, огромное спасибо за фавы! QwQ
у меня есть скромный вопрос, а вы реквесты на обои для рабочего стола делаете? X'D
Thanks for the :+fav: on Cherry Moth.
While enjoying your favourite TV show, it’s suddenly interrupted by an important news broadcast. “We interrupt your following program to bring you this important news bulletin, this is Wolf Blitzer and you are now in The Situation Room. A website known as DeviantArt has lead to most catastrophic property damages in human history. A person by the name of Mobis-New-Nest as been on rampage of thanking individuals for faving his pieces but have his gratitude’s become a grievous chastisement to those that fav? We go live now to reporter Kent Brockman in Springfield to bring us an update on what’s going on” said Wolf. “Thanks Wolf. Kent Brockman here with The Simpson family who was a victim of what is now being called a ‘Grievous Gratitude’ perpetrated by an individual who goes by the alias Mobis-New-Nest ” Kent turns to speak to Homer Simpson “Now Homer Simpson how do you feel about your house being violated by the battle cry of Spartans that Mobis-New-Nest sent?” “AAAAHHHHH!!” yelled Homer put his hand to his head in fear, while Kent gives him an acquired look “Um my news anchor is telling me not to interview you anymore” replies Kent “WOO HOO!!!” yelled Homer with hands raised high in excitement while Kent turns his microphone to little Lisa Simpson. “Hello Lisa can you tell the people your account of what went down here today?” asked Kent “Certainly, I remembered I was on the computer and was admiring the creativity of artists online at and one artist who went by the name Mobis-New Nest caught my eye so I faved his piece and the next few hours Spartans were knocking on our door and they thanked me on behalf of him for the fav but shattered everything glass in our home with their loud battle cry, I can still feel the ringing in my ears but to be honest I actually found it to be a bit exciting, seeing all those clad muscular men with capes and helmets, I think it was worth faving a piece in Mobis-New-Nest I mean their just windows after all, mom and dad can get them fixed…” Bart cuts her off “Yeah yeah Lis, IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!! Mobis if you’re watching this please add me to your facebook man and here’s my e-mail address it’s” said Bart “Mmmm” replied Marge disapproving of Barts outburst. “Well folks, there you have it family left in scared and violated by the vicious act of a genuinely polite gratitude by culprit known as Mobis-New-Nest, back you Wolf” said Kent Brockman. “Thank you Kent, we’ll have more live coverage of this after your local programming but national security is urging anyone who has any association with the suspect Mobis-New-Nest is urged to stay away from his web page and to be on the lookout for Pirates, Deceptions, A Wizard, Troll 1000, Terminators and Mudkips. If any of the following are seen approaching your residences please call 1-800-I-SQUEAL” said Wolf Blitzer. Suddenly a Troll face pops up on screen from the bottom right hand corner with speed bubble that reads ‘Thanks for the fav, fart bag’ then disappears.
Uh sorry i'm wrong >< But thanks for the fav !!
Thank you for the :+fav:! ^^