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Pickles and Inflatables
Deana enjoys two of her favorite things: Pickles and Inflatables (Balloons included of course)
Humpin Pumpkin
In keeping with the Halloween spirit, Deana celebrate by riding a big pumpkin balloon
Big Horsie
Deana loves to play on her big inflatable horse which she named Big Horsie

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Previously from part 1,

We met a girl named Debbie who accidentally bumped into Deana while rushing home school

She realized that she bumped into Deana she saw her “playing” in her backyard then flees leaving Deana wondering about the strange girl.

Then, Debbie began masturbating while thinking about Deana and hoping to finally meet her.


After doing some of her chores as promised, Deana can enjoy some time for herself.

”Well, that’s all I liked to do for today!” said Deana.

”And I’ll do mostly the rest tomorrow!”

Meanwhile, Debbie was making her way towards Deana’s house.

”I’m hoping catch her to see if she’s home!” said Debbie.

At home, Deana readies for her “playtime” sessions.

”Ooh!..I gotta calm down my pussy!” said Deana.

”Feels wonderful!…..I pulled down my tight shorts because it’s always wet with my sweet juice!”

”Smells soooooo sweet! So strong!”

Soon she finds her big horseball nearby.

”My juice leaked all on my beautiful horseball!”

”This is my favorite time of the day! My clitty is erect!”

”Rubbing on it makes my love juice flowing from inside me!”

”What a beautiful sight!”

At this point, Deana was about to enjoy herself on the horseball then, she hears a doorbell rang.

”Dammit!…the doorbell!….Who on earth rang the doorbell?!!” asked Deana.

”It’ll be hard to stop once I’ve started!”

”Wait!…I have to stop now!

So, Deana went to answered the door.

“Who is it?” asked Deana.

”It’s Debbie!” replied Debbie.

Deana opened the door to see who it was.

”Debbie?!!…..Hey! You’re that girl bumped into me yesterday!” said Deana.

”I’m Deana!….Would you like to come in?” asked Deana.

”Thank you!” replied Debbie.

”But…I have something to tell you!”

”Like what?” asked Deana.

”That I accidentally saw you enjoying yourself in your own backyard!”

”What?!…..But how?! asked Deana.

”It was about several weeks ago when I taking a shortcut to get home

when I heard some moaning noises coming from the other side of that fence…..yours! said Debbie.

”And there was small hole to see where the noise was coming from and there you were…..riding that huge ball while you enjoying yourself!”

Deana scolded Debbie about nosy people.

”If there’s one thing I can’t stand is nosy peepers!”

But in hindsight, Deana fears that her privacy may have already been compromised.

”I may need to replace that fence soon in order keep to my privacy!”

”I apologized for invading your privacy!” said Debbie.

”Well, it’s okay!….I guess!” replied Deana.

”At least you’re being honest about it!”

”So what now?! ……What do you want from me?” asked Deana.

”It’s….it’s just that…..I’m curious!…..I just want to say….I WANT YOU!” replied Debbie and lunges towards Deana catching her totally off guard.

Then, Debbie attempts to kiss Deana.

But she pushes Debbie away.

”Debbie! What are you doing?!!…..Don’t be in such a hurry!” said Deana.

”Please Deana!….I can’t stop!…..If you don’t have sex with me…..I’ll tell everyone in the neighborhood what you’ve been doing!” said Debbie.

Then Deana concedes by pulling down her tight shorts revealing her already wet pussy.

”Take a good look!….you want some of this do you?” asked Deana.

”Oh it’s wet and pretty!” said Debbie.

”I’ve been wanting to play with you since that day I saw you!”

”You’ve seen my pussy, now lets see yours!” said Deana.

Debbie showed Deana her pussy.

”Mmm!….I can see your cherry hymen!….Good! You’re still a virgin!” said Deana.

”It’s wonderful though!”

”Oh Deana!…..I want to give you my virgin!….but first, lets take off our clothes and enjoy each other!” said Debbie.

Debbie became astounded when she sees Deana’s voluptuous body.

”Your tits are very big! Good thing I did I ran into them!” said Debbie.

”I had quite a growth spurt when I was your age!” replied Deana.

”I’d be more than happy to play with you!…I masturbated thinking
of you!” replied Debbie.

”Now! I’m yours….let’s enjoy as much as we can!”

”Are you a lesbian?” asked Debbie.

”Actually, I swing BOTH ways!” replied Deana.

”Oh wow!” said Debbie.

Now, Deana and Debbie are going to enjoy each other…in her bedroom,

”Now Debbie!… gaze into my lips as it drips with love juice!….press your lips onto my pussy and make me cum!…do it now!” said Deana.

Then Debbie precedes to lick Deana’s pussy while masturbating.

”Oh yeah!…..taste as much as you want!…..lick my pussy and drink all of my juice!” said Deana.

Deana’s going to have an orgasm.

”Aaaaugh!…..I’m cumming!…your tongue is wonderful!”

”Your pussy taste delicious!” said Debbie.

And then, it’s Deana’s turn.

”I’m excited to see your juice flowing inside you!” said Deana.

”You got a hot swollen clit!…your lips are so wet and juicy!”

”Are you going to drink my juice?!!..Yes?!!” asked Debbie.

”I’m most definitely will!” replied Deana.

Then, Deana licks on Debbie’s pussy.

”Yeah! Yeah!……..Ah!!” said Debbie.

”I’ve reached my climax!….I came too strong!…Why did you stop?!!….Do you like my juice?!!

”Yes!” replied Deana.

”It’s very sweet!…I want more!”

After they licked each, Deana went into dresser’s drawer and pulled out what looked like a “strap-on double dildo”.

”Debbie!…This is a double dildo!” said Deana.

”I’m going slide one end into me and then slide the other into you!”

”Mmm! Yes!…the dildo’s bumping up inside me and shaking the other end so that you and I can get orgasms from this!”

”Are you ready Debbie?” asked Deana.

”Yes!…I’ll give you my virgin!” replied Debbie.

Then, Debbie lies on her back as Deana about to perform intercourse.

”Just relax, Debbie!….I won’t hurt you?” said Deana.

”I’m a little afraid!” replied Debbie.

”I’ll just go easy first!..then, its going to a bumpy ride from here on out!” said Deana.

”Okay!” replied Debbie.

Deana slides the dildo into Debbie.

”Your pussy’s wet enough!” said Deana.

”I love you, Debbie!”

”I’m so happy!” replied Debbie.

Then, the girls are on a sex romp.

”Aaaaagh!…Yes! Ram into my pussy!” said Debbie.

”Yes! I’ve broken through your hymen!” replied Deana.

”You pussy’s bleeding!….How does it feel?!”

”Great!…My pussy’s going to explode!” said Debbie.

And now, the girls are about to come in orgasms.

”Yes…I’m cumming!” said Debbie.

”Yeah! I’m cumming too!” replied Deana.

And Debbie cums first as Deana pulls the dildo out!

”Yeah yeah! My pussy’s going to……AHHHHH!”

And Deana is about to pull her end of dildo.

”Now Debbie! Turn your face to my pussy and I’ll give you some of my love juice!” said Deana.

Deana pulled her dildo out as her orgasm flowed out and onto Debbie’s face.

”That’s it! Drink it!…drink it all!” said Deana.

As Debbie drank Deana’s love juice, she masturbates once more.

After their sex romp, Deana and Debbie are enjoying each others love juices from the double dildo.

”Would you like to go another round?” asked Deana.

”I’d love to fuck you all day long!” replied Debbie.

”Mmm!…..your juice with your blood tastes great!” said Deana.

”Now try some of your juice!”

”Okay! After I lick all of your cum!” replied Debbie.

”Hang tight! I’ve something to show you!” said Deana.

”What is it?!” asked Debbie.

”You’ll see in sec!” replied Deana.
Then, Deana introduced Debbie to her sexballs for them to enjoy.

”What are those?” asked Debbie.

”These are called sexballs!…big balls with dildos on them!” replied Deana.

”They look like fun!” said Debbie.

”That’s because they are!…..I get satisfaction from them all the time!” said Deana.

”These are my favorite sex toys!…..Want to ride one?” asked Deana.

”I’d love to!” replied Debbie.

So they’re getting ready the ride the sexballs.

”Before we ride, and I know our pussies are still wet, we need to lube it up!” said Deana.

So Deana applies a dab of sex lube onto herself and then, gave some to Debbie.

”Be sure to lube it all around for easier penetration and a warmer sensation!”

After they’ve lubed their pussies, The girls got on the sexballs and began riding them.

”Now, you just ride the ball but, let the dildo do the work! Let it bump up in you as you ride!” said Deana.

”I’m beginning to like this already!” said Debbie.

”This is awesome!”

And then, the girls came with their sexballs.

”You like it?! yes?!” asked Deana.

”I love it!” replied Debbie.

”Glad you liked them!” said Deana.

After setting the sexballs aside, Deana wants to have sex with Debbie again.

”Debbie! Make love to me again!” said Deana.

”Yes!” replied Debbie.

And the two are making love once more.
The Curious Girl Pt 2
Deana and Debbie are about to get down and horny!
Hi all, I've been thinking of doing a sequel to "the girl who loved balloons" for a while now! So, want to ask.... Should I do it? Yes or no? Please let me know, thanks!


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