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Tiny Dark-Tower tee

This is a mighty pixel collaboration between Oakenspirit (Travis Galloway) and me. It's the mobile/tablet game Tiny Tower with a Lord of the Rings spin. I hope you enjoy all the details.


- Spiritgreen (iw)
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Why was this removed from Shirt Dot Woot?
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I want a lobby and roof like this for my tiny tower now.
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That's pretty funny.  Deep-dish made me laugh.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Deep dish totally belongs at the bottom. 8-)
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 This is splendid!
Faerietopia's avatar
Cracked me up to see Saruman be the elevator receptionist!! And the whole play of phonetics with the name..

Eyes and guard.. Isengard! Oh, and Gimli and Legolas on their drinking contest being served by an ent.. Priceless!
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Eyes and Guard XD This is freaking awesome
AuroraStardust13's avatar
That's my old art teacher! I love this shirt! My brother wears it all the time. I applaud you, good sirs!Clap  Well done to the both of you!
Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
Awesome and this needs to be a real game:)
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No Frodo! you're supposed to take the ring to the tower and... I dunno, get it refitted or somthing

but in all seriousness great shirt
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dats so khuu xD
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That is an awesome shirt, and I love the Tiny Death Star game for my phone.
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whaaaaaaaa. Can't believe it. Saw this on Touch Arcade (the largest iOS dedicated website) a few days back, didn't know it was you. Was really surprised when I saw it in my inbox. Look "One Tiny T-shirt to Rule Them all" ;)…
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Nice! Thanks for letting me know ZarieoZ! :)
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This is so ingenious and adorable.
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They doesn't ship to my country =( Wanted to buy one.. Maybe you can sell the original image here, please?
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i love this! you have an eye for good t-shirt designs :D
BirdGVee's avatar
Pffff, lawl XDDDDD hahaaaa *falls off chair*
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