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This journal will be used to store all my personal projects in mind or in progress!

NEW 09/11/13:

Current Project:
:bulletblue:"Drinking the Dark Blood" with :iconmethemac: [Storyboard sketching + Lineart stage] (On hold)
:bulletblue:"Work Comes First" another new shoujo manga in sketching stage
:bulletblue:"24 cm" Yonkoma published irregularly here

Fan Art Project:
Resident Evil Characters:
- Rebecca Chambers
- Billy Coen
- Chris Redfield
- Jill Valentine
- Carlos Oliveira
- Albert Wesker
- Leon Kennedy
- Claire Redfield
- Sheva Alomar
- Ada Wong

More to come: Soul Calibur V Characters, Tekken Characters...

Tribute Project:
One group art of characters per different manga/anime that I have adored since my childhood!
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TGrrr89's avatar
Are you going to be doing any art for Soulcalibur V? (I'm sorry if I asked this before.)
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Yes, I'll be doing them once I'm freer~!> w <~No worries!! (And maybe by the time I draw SCV, SCVI's out, niahahhahaha~)
Himitsukiyo's avatar
Ooooooh !! Have a good trip Ting and learn loadz :D And above all, have the most fun out of it :D
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Thanks Onno~> w <~!!
Eaglelives's avatar
Nice and ambitious Ting, I hope you do very well in taiwan!
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Thank you!!! I will~~~~~~~~~~!!! > w <
Eaglelives's avatar
I am sure you will :) I look forward to seeing your work :D
InfinityTingTing's avatar
YEAH! > w <!!! I'll do my best!!
Eaglelives's avatar
Your best will be fantastic.
Methemac's avatar
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Please check your mail!! > w <!
Methemac's avatar
I replied! Sorry it took so long, I didn't know what email address to recognise, but now I do. New Era!
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