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Hello friends!

This journal will be used to keep my list of commissions and art trade~

What I DON'T draw:
:bulletblue: Yaoi/Yuri/Nudity/Hentai/Any other adult content
:bulletblue: Animals/Anthropoids(Depends)
:bulletblue: Mechanical/Robot-type
:bulletblue: Or any other content that I am not comfortable with. Please understand that I have the right to refuse your commission as long as there is no mutual agreement. Thank you~!

:bulletblue: Select and pay for your commission piece via the Commissions widget or Paypal
:bulletblue: Please pay the extra points, if any, using the Commissions Widget, under the Extra Character option
:bulletblue: Note me with a description or reference link to your character(s), the more details the better!! (Do not send the references via the Commissions widget, as the Correspondence messages get delete after a period of time!!)
:bulletblue: Be patient before receiving yours! (Or you can mention about a preferred deadline, and I will try to stick to it)
:bulletblue: If you do not want to find my signature (like you can find on all my present works), please do mention it in the note too!

:bulletblue: A WIP will be available at infinitytingting.tumblr.com/ before doing line art and coloring (except for Chibi commissioins)
:bulletblue: Chibi commissions tend to be completed faster and earlier than other types of commissions!
:bulletblue: You can request to watch me draw live on join.me for your commission piece for discussion of your desired outcomes or just wait for the surprise! (> w <)

Commission Information:
Status: OPEN
Please refer to and pay via the Commissions widget!!


Deviants being/to be commissioned:

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InfinityTingTing's avatar
Hi~You mean for the commission?
MikoYami's avatar
yes please >////< if you don't mind 
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Oh it's my pleasure!! And it's up to me to ask if you don't mind!! As recently I'm taking up quite a lot of time to complete the commissions!!
MikoYami's avatar
you can take as long as you need I can wait >////> 
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Thank youuu~please note me the references~~!! And as for the payment, please go to my main profile to select the correct commission from the widget!!! > w <
BurnedSmackdown's avatar
So you want me to pay the extra 50 seeing I have asked for three characters?
InfinityTingTing's avatar
It's okay, no worries!! > w <~!
BurnedSmackdown's avatar
So once August comes what's going to happen just out of curiosity?
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Just a raise in price~! > w <~As I want to try to earn some pocket money if possible, and my parents would be less resistant about me drawing...
BurnedSmackdown's avatar
Why would they be resistant? You obviously like drawing
InfinityTingTing's avatar
Cause I haven't been able to earn a living from drawing, they are just worried, and want me to get a decent job.
BurnedSmackdown's avatar
That's understandable
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