March: OPEN for Commissions!!!

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Hey everybody, I'm open for commissions!  You can check out my anime and videogame galleries to get an idea of my work and style.  The majority of my work is fanart, but I can also draw original characters upon request.  I also do portraits of you in an anime style, which is really popular among my customers.  Pricing depends on the complexity of the drawing and whether or not you want it colored, but be assured it'll be affordable.  Just shoot me a note if you're interested!

I also wanted to thank everyone in the past few months who have started watching my page and 'favoriting' my work.  It doesn't take much to favorite someone's work or comment on it, but it's those little things that really let me know that people appreciate what I'm drawing and making for others who love the characters and series as much as I do.  Sorry for being such a sap, but it needed to be said.  ^^;

There's alot going on now.  I'm planning for EPIC cosplays this summer, applying to grad school, and working a part time job.  I went to MegaCon a few weeks ago for the first time in four years and loved every minute of it.  I'm also attending a to-be-epic photoshoot this weekend in my own backyard, Miami.  I'm excited to finally get some better pictures of some costumes I worked my butt off on.  Look forward to seeing those soon!

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just kidding LOL, I'm glad you're getting good quality photos of your cosplay. Your costumes deserve lots of pictures ^_^
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WUT? >_> Whateva', I do what I want!

Yeah...I've made alot, and it sucks that I don't have decent pictures of half of them. ~sigh~ X< Never again!