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I've been doing alot of Big Sister drawings lately, and I thought it'd be cool to make one of her without her helmet on. I think she'd look like a Little Sister, but older and more badass.

I had alot of fun doing this one. I love how her face and hair turned out.
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"Eve?" *giggles maniacally*

Drill bit in 3... 2... 1... and *splintch*
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I would kind of suggest you drawing her through a little sister's eyes.
It's shown when you play as a little sister in Bioshock 2, that instead of the suit, she sees a beautiful golden dress and matching gloves, with a flower(those you use at prom)
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Why are her eyes still all glowy? Eleanor doesn't have glowy eyes, and she still has the slug in her.
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shes a big sister, a little sister after puberty
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looks like the elfs of warcraft
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why always thinking that she must be beautiful.
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me: hides from big sister because shes cute and would kill me.
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Was this done traditionally or digitally? btw, I love how you captured the look of a little sister yet older and more weathered, very nicely done.
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Wicked. I personally have to wonder where that light comes from, maybe their eyes change color depending one their mood? That's my current hypothesis.

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it came out good is that watercolor
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it came out good is that watercolor
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Manga style big sister SO CUTE.
I'm thinking of drawing one soon, just for the hell of it.
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I kinda feel bad for drill dashing them lol :(
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Nice, it looks kinda Japanese style.
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Do you mind if i use this as my avatar on 2k forums ? :D
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I'm all for creative commons, just drop my dA name or website if anyone asks. Cheers!
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Personally, I think their faces would have to be much less humanoid and more elongated for them to perform those trademark screeches of doom. But still... it's a nice drawing...
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Hm, good call! I just like romanticizing things. ^^;
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That's so Beautiful XD
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That's actually a really cool way to think about it! Very inspiring, might I say. Lovely piece, of course. She does have very nice hair. :D
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Great picture!! :)
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