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8 Orange Textures

Alrighty, this is my first pack of textures; I made it a long time ago (May, this year), but was too lazy to submit it here, I confess. It has been on my site, though. Today, I took some more photos of flowers and am thinking of submitting those too as stock (archives), and I remembered these photos. So, there you have them!

My few and very simple rules:
:bulletgreen: Don't use these for commercial use; it's fine if you use them in graphics for personal use, though.
:bulletgreen: If you use them, please link back to either my DA account or my site.
:bulletgreen: Needless to say, please don't claim these as your own. If you DO want to submit them to a site, at least mention they're made by me :)
:bulletgreen: Now, this isn't compulsory, but I love it when I'm shown that people use my resources, so don't be afraid to drop me a line and show me, it'd be very appreciated :D
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