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Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue

By InfinityDash
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Fluttershy must rescue the bunnies that have gotten lost in Everfree Forest.

[Note: you may need to click in the game window before the controls will respond]
[Another note: If the game is moving really laggy for you, try playing it on Newgrounds here: [link] or on the Equestria Gaming arcade here: [link] . The Flash ads here on dA tend to slow down the game a lot...]

How to play:
-Use arrow keys to move.
-Press UP to jump.
-Double Jump (or Jump and Hold) to fly. While flying, hold up to go up, let go of up to go down.
-Press down to scroll through text.
-To use Twilight's spell, simply walk into her, and she'll locate a bunny for you.

I initially began working on this game in September 2011, by modifying the "MLP Platform Game Test" from April 2011. But then I put it on hold for various reasons. I was just going to abandon it, as I have several other projects in the works, but recently I decided I would just release it. It is not nearly the scope I had originally planned; it is basically just an updated version of the Platforming Game Test. Still, I hope you can find some enjoyment in it! :3

Since it's a fairly simple game, I suggest you just relax, take in the music and rain sounds, and find those bunnies! (The only way to lose is by giving up... unless of course it's late at night... the Everfree Forest can be a lot more menacing then...)

Please report any bugs/glitches you discover. (and if at all possible, a screenshot of the bug) Also, post your best times!

To mute music in game press 'm'.
To skip all cutscenes, press 's' at the title screen.
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Gonna miss this game dearly when it goes away with Adobe Flash. This game really was a great part of my childhood, as were so, so many other Flash games.

Thank you, Infinity, for making this game. It means much more to me than it probably should.

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Thank YOU for playing it! I feel humbled and just so incredibly appreciative of everyone who has played this simple little game over the years. Reading your comment, about how it was part of your childhood... I've been going back, feeling wistful about the end of Flash and reading through hundreds of comments that I hadn't caught up on over the last 5ish years, and watching people's Let's Plays of this game on youtube... and honestly I'm getting a little emotional over it lol. It just means so so much to me that people played this game and that for some of them, it actually had somewhat of an impact in their lives.

And especially because of that, I all the more regret that I basically dropped out of this fandom around 2015 and didn't really start (minimally) participating again until this year. I always had bigger plans for these fangames and I actually have a word doc somewhere from like 2013 with an outline for future games I wanted to make. My idea was to tie them all together somehow. Which is why you see Pinkie Pie in the 100% ending (5 secrets) of this one, which was going to tie in with the secret ending of Cupcake Dreams. Both of which would be related to the next game I was working on but has been abandoned since probably 2014.

Anyway... all that said, inspired by your comment and others like it, I opened up the old game project file and have spent the day porting it to HTML5. It's actually pretty much done, I just have a few bugs left to fix. Even though browser games are such a niche thing now, I just don't like the idea of something that means something to people (including myself) to just disappear. (I know someone has also already archived it in Flashpoint, but I still want an official browser-playable version to exist). It probably won't be done by the death of Flash tomorrow, but maybe this weekend.

Anyways... all of that is to say, thank you so much, and I'm happy this game means something to you!

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Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited rn, I was genuinely really sad it was gonna go away so hearing that you're making it possible to keep playing (I didn't know it was archived on Flashpoint either, to be honest) just made my night! I'd spend hours hunting down these lil bunnies and looking for all the secrets in the game and it was so relaxing. It's so cool to hear about the future plans you had for these games!!

It's also interesting to hear you've been getting a bit back into the fandom! After fixating on MLP for a few years, I eventually dropped off too (around 4 years ago at this point) but recently I've been thinking that- hey, cringe culture is dead, if I want to like ponies I will damn well like ponies. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing to play this game and seeing more from you if you make more!

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Well it took me a little longer than I anticipated, but I've finally finished porting my four flash games to HTML5. Unfortunately DeviantArt doesn't support HTML5 so they're only playable on Newgrounds. But they're up right now if you want to check them out! :)

I added a few things to some of them like fullscreen mode and touch screen controls so you can even play on your phone. I'll post an update here on DA and on YouTube in the next few days pointing people there.

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Thank you so much for your hard work,i was afraid this game would go away forever since there wasnt an option to dowload it like other deviantart games does,but i saw that sicne tis also available on newgrounds,i think NG created somesort of player so people can still play flash games on their sites,but dont quote me on that

Thank you for tkaing the time to convetr this game into html,really,im sure i'm not the only one who appeciate this :)

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I just uploaded the HTML5 versions to Newgrounds! DeviantArt doesn't support HTML5 submissions sadly, but I'll be updating these deviations to point to the Newgrounds page, and posting about it on YouTube in the next few days.

As for the thing you were talking about, Newgrounds has their own offline player but it's kind of wonky and basically just a temporary workaround. There's also Ruffle, the Flash emulator, which is excellent for flash animation, but doesn't work on most flash games made after 2006 or so. Lastly there's Flashpoint, a huge archive of Flash games (including mine) which is what I'd recommend if you want to play pretty much any Flash game you can think of. But for in-browser play, porting from Flash to HTML5 is the best option if possible.

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Acabo de volver a este juego despues de como mas de 7 años y me estoy enterando por los comentarios que habia una actualizacion que nunca habia escuchado.Me encanta la cancion de este juego,literal habia momentos en que solo abria el juego con tal de escuchar la cancion,se donde esta cada conejo en este juego y solo quiero dar las gracias de que aun se pueda jugar,gracias a su creador por ser parte de mi infancia.

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I can't find the 30th bunny the entrance is blocked

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This gave me nostalgia, also the music gave me nostalgia
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Recuerdo que siempre jugaba este juego con tal de escuchar la musica.

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this is so nostalgic :'0
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I remember playing this for the first time years ago, and I got the Slendershy easter egg.. Now, here in the present, I get it again. Yikes haha
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Edit update: Played a third time. Saw her, but didn't die. 
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HAHA WOW I came back for memories and I forgot about the Fluttershy thing and as I was falling down to get one of the bunnies.... 

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818 with all secrets Fluttershy dance Fluttershy dance Fluttershy dance Fluttershy Clap Chibi Fluttershy Icon Fluttershy YEY 
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I came back to play this again, last time I played was years ago, in 2016 probably. I still love this game
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Lol two years ago they actualize the game on and put the slendershy and got removed because parents report the game XD
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no sabia eso :0

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