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Heres another apology journal y'all

Babysitting and projects had me swamped so ive hardly had the time to reply to RPs and such.

To those I have RPs with atm: I just sent replies a few moments ago for if youre interested in continuing them

In other news:

:iconalekhines-gun: This group is almost up and ready to go.

If you wish to create a chararacter please refer to
*Updated again!* Alekhine's Application by Infinity-P  and Character Creation GuidelinesHere are some guidelines for making an OC for this group! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


-There are two factions that this world revolves around:
             **The Ivory Organization: A large scale group with the goal of taking control of the ruined world and reshaping it in their image of perfection, order and law.
             **The Onyx Rebellion: A rebel group formed with the goal of freeing the world from the Ivory and restoring it back to it's true former glory under true hope, freedom, and peace.
Keep in mind which group your Oc will be apart of.
Note: Making your character an Ivory doesn't necessarily mean they have to be villainous, etc just as your OC

Also, if you're interested in the lore/story feel free to check out:

The Story++Prologue++
      Seventy years after a savage war brought the world to ruin, the human race began to thrive once again. Supplies were still limited but hope and unity flourished. People were bonding, coming together, and working to rebuild the world into the one they once knew. Past history and discrimination had been abandoned for the sake of being able to push forward towards a brighter future. This brought about a time of peace that could be considered legendary.
     As time passed, the people in various cities began to worry about the peace dying off. In order to prevent this, the City of Sentiment had established a small organization that was composed of a few patriotic freedom activists. The founder of this group, a humble carpenter who went by the name of Thomas le' Blanco, lead the group in the name of justice and order to maintain the peace. This pure-hearted goal, followed by the various members clad in white, earned them the g

Sign ups are not open yet for membership BUT I AM looking for some co-founders.

Any who are interested in a co-founder position please refer to :

4 those who wish to be Co-Founders/are Co foundersFor anyone who wishes to sign up to be a co-founder (or already are a co-founder), here is a criteria of what you will be doing if you decide to take up the position:
You Will:
1) be aiding the founder with keeping the group up and running
2) keeping an eye on group recruitment+applications (if something doesn't match the guidelines: Dec line the application, inform the creator of the mistakes as well as that they can re-submit once the application is fixed. Although, im very flexible with things like this)
3) There is a position open to control Elliot le'Blanco (The King of the Ivory). Since I'm in sole control of Alekhine, I find it difficult to switch between both of these kings and is willing to let somebody take control of Elliot as well as the Ivory as a whole (RP-Wise+Mission wise).
Please ask if you are interested in more details for this.
4)Have the option on "calling dibs" on a Queen position for an OC. Since the Queen is a second in command, i'd feel more c

thats all for now! Wish me luck and hope i dont die from all of this work im trying to manage at once
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Submitted on
March 15, 2015