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So these next 4 days are gonna be a bit stressful. We're getting temporarily kicked from our apartment because my roommate's room has a pest problem and a heat treatment is needed. 

My college is setting us up in hotels but because it's so last minutes, i wasn't fully prepared for having to eat out for the next 4 days... 

So I have commissions open! Every little bit counts. 

You can pay me Via Ko-Fi and I'll explain how that works: 
On Ko-fi you can support an artist by buying them a "Coffee". 1 Coffee = 3$ sent to the creator. 
Icons: 6$ ea (2 coffees)

Half Bodies: 15$ ea (5 coffees) 

Full bodies: 24$ ea (8 coffees) 

*Icons will be 500x500 px unless requested otherwise. 

How to pay for a commission on Ko-Fi: 
- Please add your Deviant Art user in the message, as well as what character you'd like me to draw for your order (I'll be able to see what you wanted based on the amount of money sent on ko-fi) 
    Note: If you don't want others to know your DA username then change the payment from Public, to Private.

-If you want me to draw your Oc: Please sent send me a Note on DA with a link to a reference of your OC 
-If you want me to draw a character from a video game, tv show, anime, etc: Provide me with the name of the character and where they're from.

Heres the button to my Ko-Fi!!
Buy Me a Coffee at
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Submitted on
March 13