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Alrighty! Considering there are multiple things I wish to buy, it's about time to open up commissions!

This time Im accepting payment in multiple ways!!

Accepted payment Methods:
  • Paypal
  • Nintendo eshop prepaid cards (<- most desired right now >_>) 
  • Steam prepaid cards 
  • Full body - 20$
  • Half body - 15$
  • Busts - 10$ 
  • Pin-up posed (only a lil lewd, mostly just eyecandy :U) - 35$
***If you wish to have more than one person in a single drawing then add the following amount to the above: 
  • Additional person (full body) - 10$ per addition 
  • Additional person (Half body)- 7$ per addition
  • Additional person (Busts) **Sorry I dont do multiple people in one drawing for busts**
*Note: People have tried to order commissions in the past with additional characters in a single drawing while being "seperate" aka not having to do with each other and yet somehow they're sharing the same space. Please know i will decline orders like this if there is no purpose to multiple characters being on a single drawing aside from attempting to get a lower price for my art. 

Examples of art: 
 Commission-Fullbody Kayla by Infinity-P All hail King Codex by Infinity-P Micheal the magical bard by Infinity-PINTRO: Birthstone Princess by Infinity-P

**Please either comment on this journal or note me with your order or if you have any questions! 
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Submitted on
January 12, 2016


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