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Commissions are open for the summer

For an updated commission price please refer to my commission post here:…

All orders are either to be sent to me on my tumblr Via ask, or noted to me here on my DA Or we can discuss over skype.

Methods of payment include: Paypal (I only do invoices so please provide your email address if this is your preferred method.), Nintento eshop prepaid cards, and steam prepaid cards

But i'll put it here too for reference.

Scroll down for price sheets.


Commission sketch by Infinity-PCommission bust by Infinity-P
Half Bodies by Infinity-P
Full Body by Infinity-P

**Please do not repost or edit my art. Regardless of whether your commissioned me or not, I do not allow my art to be tampered with and reposted without my permission. Please do not claim the art as your own work either. If I do give you my permission to repost my art, then you're obligated to give me proper credits.**  Thanks! Lol
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June 5, 2016


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