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It's so hard getting back into DA lol

considering half of my followers are probably dead :c Anyways..

So recently, Me and an old friend of mine that I admittedly miss parted ways, so the vast majority of my Ocs are now single. 

Of course, I don't plan on rushing into ships, but I am willing to RP with them, etc. I'm also willing to coordinate ships, but pacing is important. It's only been a month and a half since we parted, so I'm not going to ship them off immediately unless I feel like theres potential. 

So below are the OCs who are single and open (a lot of these drawings are going to be old until I revamp and update):

~revamp~ Succubus Princess WITH NEW BIO by Infinity-P ~Revamp~ Cecil Basic Charm by Infinity-P ASK Robert the Rabbit *Updated+REVAMP* by Infinity-P INTRO: Birthstone Princess by Infinity-P Leonnnnn by Infinity-P

Below are OCs who are single and open but I don't rly have any decent proper ref of them lyding around that I can use: 

-Father "Dante"  Time 
-Frederick the BirthStone Prince
-Jakob 'Alpha' Codex

I might update the drawings and add them into here, but //shrugs
Im in no rush or hurry. 

Feel free to pass me a note or comment on here if you'd like to chit chat about our OCs and whatnot 
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Submitted on
June 5, 2016


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