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AU-Group **Please Read-UPDATED**

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 5, 2013, 11:08 AM
Remember that AU group i've been working on, for like, months?



You also remember that game I've been derping around and making?

Im making the game as A PART OF THE GROUP. Meaning this:

*** You will be able to have a more interactive state for the storyline/plot and you will be able to RP in-game as well as have something that will let you have a more vivid time in the world the AU takes place in as well as a place for the group's more mercantile aspect to create a classic RPG feel and a closer feeling twards your character.

The MMO for this group is still in development, but its playable. I will have a beta for a select amount of members who will be chosen from random.

Im still looking for Co-Founders. (Co-Founders will be GMs "Game Masters" in-game)

Now, what will this have to do with you?


I will be holding a meeting for the AU-Group. For more information please turn to this journal:
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Here are the FAQs:
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Here are the Rules:
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If you want to join my AU-Group FOR AMAZING FUN AND STUFF..:iconheavensclockwork-au:

You need to fill out one of these applications:

Heres an example of how to fill it out(Click if you need to look a how to format the description details):

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Submitted on
October 5, 2013