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So to force myself to do the video for that remade song
I made it for my video editing final project

the prof liked it to the point he said it was one of the best student works hes seen in his class and im cri
i feel so proud okay

So if anyone would like to see the full video, heres the link:
Ive had this song remake done for like
two weeks now and all i have to do is make the art for the video

but ive been sick and finals week has been kicking my ass, so i haven't been in the mood to draw

i can't wait until my 3 week summer vacation kicks in. 3 weeks is better than nothing lmao
So these next 4 days are gonna be a bit stressful. We're getting temporarily kicked from our apartment because my roommate's room has a pest problem and a heat treatment is needed. 

My college is setting us up in hotels but because it's so last minutes, i wasn't fully prepared for having to eat out for the next 4 days... 

So I have commissions open! Every little bit counts. 

You can pay me Via Ko-Fi and I'll explain how that works: 
On Ko-fi you can support an artist by buying them a "Coffee". 1 Coffee = 3$ sent to the creator. 
Icons: 6$ ea (2 coffees)

Half Bodies: 15$ ea (5 coffees) 

Full bodies: 24$ ea (8 coffees) 

*Icons will be 500x500 px unless requested otherwise. 

How to pay for a commission on Ko-Fi: 
- Please add your Deviant Art user in the message, as well as what character you'd like me to draw for your order (I'll be able to see what you wanted based on the amount of money sent on ko-fi) 
    Note: If you don't want others to know your DA username then change the payment from Public, to Private.

-If you want me to draw your Oc: Please sent send me a Note on DA with a link to a reference of your OC 
-If you want me to draw a character from a video game, tv show, anime, etc: Provide me with the name of the character and where they're from.

Heres the button to my Ko-Fi!!
Buy Me a Coffee at
Even though I'm positive over half my followers forgot I exist, I'm going to be posting various social media I have as well as trying to get into DA yet again. 

I realize constraining myself to one platform is limiting so I'd like to share where else you all can find me 

My official Art+Music Tumblr:

My Splatoon OC + Fanart Tumblr:

ATTENTION: kinginfinitum (My old tumblr) isnt in use anymore for anything other than my own personal use. If you want to follow me for my content, please use the specified social media above. my old tumblr is also not a great way to contact me
i keep just

listening to vocaloid music directly from the vocaloid 4 editor 

like it wouldve been so much easier to just

go to youtube and listening to it


i gotta get the vsqx just so i can hear either VY2 or DEX singing it 

I love DEX too much, his english is so nice hhhhhh 


i cant wait until i get my midi keyboard so it'll be hella easier to compose 
first 15 eggs hatched today

and i get a shiny rowlet with some good IVs, not bad but not over the top excellent which is good enough for me

todays gonna be a good day :U
played pokemon moon nonstop 


I ended up beating the game this morning and now im just sitting here thinking 

"What have i done with my life" 

After a long long long LONG


break from DA

I decided to actually come back. 

So, good to be here again :v
Commissions are open for the summer

For an updated commission price please refer to my commission post here:…

All orders are either to be sent to me on my tumblr Via ask, or noted to me here on my DA Or we can discuss over skype.

Methods of payment include: Paypal (I only do invoices so please provide your email address if this is your preferred method.), Nintento eshop prepaid cards, and steam prepaid cards

But i'll put it here too for reference.

Scroll down for price sheets.


Commission sketch by Infinity-PCommission bust by Infinity-P
Half Bodies by Infinity-P
Full Body by Infinity-P

**Please do not repost or edit my art. Regardless of whether your commissioned me or not, I do not allow my art to be tampered with and reposted without my permission. Please do not claim the art as your own work either. If I do give you my permission to repost my art, then you're obligated to give me proper credits.**  Thanks! Lol
It's so hard getting back into DA lol

considering half of my followers are probably dead :c Anyways..

So recently, Me and an old friend of mine that I admittedly miss parted ways, so the vast majority of my Ocs are now single. 

Of course, I don't plan on rushing into ships, but I am willing to RP with them, etc. I'm also willing to coordinate ships, but pacing is important. It's only been a month and a half since we parted, so I'm not going to ship them off immediately unless I feel like theres potential. 

So below are the OCs who are single and open (a lot of these drawings are going to be old until I revamp and update):

~revamp~ Succubus Princess WITH NEW BIO by Infinity-P ~Revamp~ Cecil Basic Charm by Infinity-P ASK Robert the Rabbit *Updated+REVAMP* by Infinity-P INTRO: Birthstone Princess by Infinity-P Leonnnnn by Infinity-P

Below are OCs who are single and open but I don't rly have any decent proper ref of them lyding around that I can use: 

-Father "Dante"  Time 
-Frederick the BirthStone Prince
-Jakob 'Alpha' Codex

I might update the drawings and add them into here, but //shrugs
Im in no rush or hurry. 

Feel free to pass me a note or comment on here if you'd like to chit chat about our OCs and whatnot 

Im hoping I manage to get my state ID next week so I can apply for a summer job. 

My birthday is also coming up soon, and my mom is planning on getting me a new computer (one that'll last me a few years compared to my current laptop) 

I'm hoping to get some cash from other family too so I can save up to get the new FE fates map pack, FE: Path of Radiance, and FE: Radiant Dawn nothing like joining a fandom late amirite? 

I also finished all the fe fates path awhile ago. Im currently redoing conquest so i can get it registered on lunatic mode. 


time to most likely forget DA exists //crawls away
so i have all 3 route of fire emblem fates now but

I did normal pheonix mode for conquest just so i could see the story first (because i really just wanted to know the story behind conquest the most) 

So now I completely wiped my data and im restarting, because now I can play without being impatient and getting rash




 ikik im terrible with keeping up with my DA

However Im fully active on Tumblr if yall wish to follow me on there! 

I'll still be here and whatnot but mostly just lurking for the most part. 

DA kinda died, so im hoping for the best on tumblr if i manage to set up an ASK blog on there for my OCs 

MY tumblr:  (PS. Im going to be changing my url soon so i'll update this journal once that happens)
Looking for an RP group? You've come to the right place!

:iconalekhines-gun: is a sci-fi RP group that revolves around a post-apocalyptic world and two factions (The Onyx Rebellion and The Ivory Organization ) striving to rebuild civilization, one for the better, and one for the worst. 

I've had the group created for about 10 months now for the sake of having it ready while I planned for it in the background. It's in the process of being revamped at the moment so please don't mind how bare it is. 

I'm looking for a few Co-Admins/Mods to help me keep the group in shape as well as keep the fun going!  

I have a fully flushed backstory that leads up to the current chapter of the group here and I have the character guidelines in this journal here

For now, I only have two (pretty old) debut-arts for it and an application ready but more is coming in the future:
 The rebellion has begun. [Group Debut Art] by Infinity-P *Updated again!* Alekhine's Application by Infinity-P

What I'm looking for in terms of co-admins/mods:

** willing to help keep the peace during mission/group RPs

** Someone who wants to take charge of Elliot le'Blanco (The King of the Ivory) and have dominion over the entire Ivory organization (aka giving out missions to people in the Ivory faction and overseeing the results from it since I'm in control of Alekhine, the king for the Onyx)

** willing to help keep track of recruitment/applications for the group

Features of the Group:

**There will be a skype group(s) created as well as deviant art chat rooms for convenience 

**Along with RPing, depending on the activity of the group, I might hold special events for added fun

**I will possibly create a comic based on the main events of the group and how they effect the outcome of the current story

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in joining!
Alrighty folks, its time to start some good ol' fashion RPs and ASKS

During the stream i'll be drawing some more OC references (new ones) as well at chit chatting ovo

*note: All my OCs are multiverse p much 
OCs open for RPs+asks/ are single pringles: 
  • Micheal the magical bard by Infinity-PMicheal the magical bard
  • OC intro  Annie the Nightmare by Infinity-P Annabelle the Nightmare
  • *ref coming soon* Eric, the Royal Scholar 
  • Joy, the Princess of Innovation and Learning by Infinity-P Joy, the Princess of Learning and Innovation

OCs open for RPs+asks/ are taken:
  •  All hail King Codex by Infinity-P CODY, MY SON, aka the King of Coelum (the computer code kingdom)
  • INTRO: Birthstone Princess by Infinity-P  Analise, the princess of the Birth-Gem kingdom
Alrighty! Considering there are multiple things I wish to buy, it's about time to open up commissions!

This time Im accepting payment in multiple ways!!

Accepted payment Methods:
  • Paypal
  • Nintendo eshop prepaid cards (<- most desired right now >_>) 
  • Steam prepaid cards 
  • Full body - 20$
  • Half body - 15$
  • Busts - 10$ 
  • Pin-up posed (only a lil lewd, mostly just eyecandy :U) - 35$
***If you wish to have more than one person in a single drawing then add the following amount to the above: 
  • Additional person (full body) - 10$ per addition 
  • Additional person (Half body)- 7$ per addition
  • Additional person (Busts) **Sorry I dont do multiple people in one drawing for busts**
*Note: People have tried to order commissions in the past with additional characters in a single drawing while being "seperate" aka not having to do with each other and yet somehow they're sharing the same space. Please know i will decline orders like this if there is no purpose to multiple characters being on a single drawing aside from attempting to get a lower price for my art. 

Examples of art: 
 Commission-Fullbody Kayla by Infinity-P All hail King Codex by Infinity-P Micheal the magical bard by Infinity-PINTRO: Birthstone Princess by Infinity-P

**Please either comment on this journal or note me with your order or if you have any questions! 

I've come to a decision

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 9:35 AM

So like, i look at all of the designs i have for my persona-OC and i dont really like any of them

So Im going to remake my persona to fit my needs better with how it represents me

So, this means im going to delete the old designs and just finally come up with one i'll stick with  B( 

PS Im going to be doing some redesigns of my current OCs too 

I know I always say that but im trying lel

The holiday business is now finished

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2015, 6:44 PM
Yo yo yo so guess what? GO THROW SOME ASKS TO MY OCS

I've been wanting to try out my new drawing tablet on a full drawing 

All of my Ocs are open for asks btw
All of my OCs are open for RPs
Any and all OCs who are single are available to mingle!

What're yall waiting for? Lets get this thing rolling