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OC INTRO Enchanting Princess -wip- by Infinity-P OC INTRO Enchanting Princess -wip- by Infinity-P
Ahaa okay so I wanted to try an make a cute Oc for once instead of a bunch of guys//cry
so this cutie was born. Oh and since shes new, I will be adding her to the OC date journal

**Funfact: I forgot to draw her shorts/skirt so i'll fix that for the final draft.


Name: Aira de' saint (aira pronounced as 'era')

age: 19

gender: Female

Height: 5'3''

weight: 125lbs

Residence: Ellania, the kingdom of Alchemists and Enchanters.

Job: Princess

orien: Demisexual

relation-status: single

personality: Bubbly, peppy, motherly, optimistic, sensitive

Likes: Reading, taking long and relaxing walks, conversating

dislikes: being too busy to relax, being treated like a princess, being formal during casual times

Fun facts:

**Although she seems really optimistic, shes often really stressed and fights the anxiety/pressure that her position as a princess puts on her. this is mostly the reason why she refuses to act too serious unless its absolutely necessary

**Her scarf is only semi-sentient. It was originally just a normal scarf until the princess enchanted it for practice to carry out her orders. She also treats it as a sort of pet that shes extremely close to.

**Her favorite color is yellow

**She wears a leotard as her main outfit mostly because shes learning ballet and finds it to be really comfortable. She will wear skirts over it the majority of the time though.

**She tries her best not to act OVERLY kiddish, but just enough to keep herself in a decent mood.
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February 28, 2015
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