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.:The Wolf in Sheep's Skin:.
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Published: December 7, 2007
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This illustration is based on the Aesop's Fable titled "The Wolf in Sheep's Skin."
We had to do a series in my digital art class (For our final) where we had as much artistic freedom as we wanted basically (Any medium using the tools we learned in class, subject matter, etc.) and I chose to use Illustrator and create some illustrations based off Aesop's Fables.

I chose three and this one is my favorite out of them. "The Wolf in Sheep's Skin" is probably one of the most depressing of Aesop's Fables (that I have read - there are hundreds.) Look it up - read it!

I know the sheep isn't completely covering the wolf, and you may be wondering "How could a wolf ever fool a sheep like that?" It's just my representation. xD

This peice isn't perfect, and there are some things I'd like to fix. (The dead sheep's legs for example) but my free trial of illustrator ran out yesterday! Boooo. :(

I hope I can find a cheap, older version of illustrator online. I really love this program and I have had so much fun in it while I had it.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this. It's my favorite of the three I created and I experimented a lot in this series, but I think my style in them is still very present.
I'm really happy with how the wolf came out as I RARELY create canines of any sort. In fact, there are no cats present in my series. *gasp*
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Comments (9)
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vandalises| Photographer
.. I want to hug that wolf.
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Suiish|Hobbyist Digital Artist
funky i really like the background and the colours - its very fitting .
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Buuya| Digital Artist
haha, there's something sooooo morbid about this. The utter limpness of that dangling sheep corpse is so disturbing. I love it :lol:

Mm, I think the wolf's character design is my favorite part of the illustration. Nice playing with shapes, especially with the tail. So floofy! I think the part that throws me off a little is the fence- really super bright-white seems to jump out a bit too much, especially against the darkness of the bottom. Maybe toning it down a notch would give a bit more depth to the piece. I really like the treatment of the characters... duuude do more of this stuff! It's neat to see this in comparison to your pixel work; a recognizable style, but drawn in really different ways. Cool
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I'm glad you like it. I really, really like this piece best out of all my vector art pieces and I was a bit surprised people liked "Sour Grapes" better even though it lacked a background and more detail, so I am happy to have received a helpful comment on this particular submission. ^^

You're right, now that I take another look at the fence, it does pop out a bit too much. I honestly wasn't even thinking about depth in this picture. D: Oopsy. Maybe if I make it grey instead of bright white. (I'm glad you could tell it was a fence, though! Hehe.) Thanks for your input! I appreciate it and I'd really like to work on this a bit more once I get illustrator again so I can clean it up, and edit some messy parts.

As for more of this stuff, I really enjoy vector art so I expect continue experimenting with it in the future. (Once I buy illustrator...eventually. Adobe products are so expensiiiiive. o_o)

These pieces have also really inspired me to try illustrating traditionally, too. :nod:
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Ooo ... Nice an' kinda' flowy like. You and Illustrator work well together ... But not me. As much as I love the program I just really suck at it. XD Y'know, it's go kind of a nice stained glass look to it. Purty!
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nitemare420i|Student Digital Artist
That's very cute, I love the faces of the other sheep. They look confused. Yeah you need to get Illustrator again, this style is really neat and I'd love to see more.
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Draga03|Hobbyist General Artist
I really like those Aesop's Fable illustrations you've made!!
They're so cool and adorable!:aww:
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