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.:Dharma Shark Pixel:.

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Published: February 27, 2008
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The Dharma Initiative:
They came, they saw, they stamped their logo on every damn thing they could get their hands on.

:iconbuuya: suggested a Dharma shark pixel after I commented on her Dharma Shark doodle. I thought she had a good idea, so I tried it. :nod:

The shark is confused as to why their is a logo on his fin."I'm no FISH biscuiiiiiit!"
He is also supposed to be holding his tail in case it was hard to tell. The pose reminded me of when Lenny from "A Shark Tale" was holding his tail up and twirling in his chair. Haha

Anyway, chances are, many of you guys might not have the slightest idea as to what I am going on about, but this shark with the Dharma logo was an "Easter Egg" aka "Hidden clue" that the writers often put in episodes for people to catch. The logo is supposed to be on the other side of his fin, I believe. However, as much as I love the show,...I am not THAT obsessive about it. :lol:

...yeah, I don't usually try giving explanations about LOST. Well, explanations that make sense. Impossible!

My pixel sharks look so funky. Ahaha
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One of my all time favorite sharks on DA!
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Geez, I thought I was hallucinting when I saw that episode... xDD
Nice pixel shark, dood.
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You're welcome. xP
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That's awsome. Really cool. I remember seeing the shark in lost,i was omg it has the dharma It's awsome great pixel shark keep up the great work ^_^
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MaferProfessional Digital Artist
ahah dharma shark yey <3 nice one
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Buuya Digital Artist
You know how much I love you already


I LOVE YOU. :lol:

What an awesome dude :D
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= D
That is such an awesome name. Hahaha

Thanks! I am glad that you like it. :nod:
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Ahhh, yes, I saw that episode where the shark had the logo. I thought, wtf? But it was never brought up again.

Kind of like Locke having once worked on a pot farm. Seriously, what does that have to do with anything? Still haven't figured it out.
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I think the shark looks great :D

I've never watched "Lost", so thanks for the explanation :D
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Thank you! I am glad to hear that (or read, rather) as my sharks usually something odd going on anatomically. :lol:

And you should watch the show sometime - you might like it. :nod:
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That's what I'm afraid of... getting into the show :D
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And with LOST, you have no choice BUT to get sucked in. If you miss an episode here and'll be totally...lost. *Hoo hoo hoo I made a pun*

Heroes and LOST.
The only shows I will allow myself to get sucked in to. xD.

...and The Colbert Report.
TibodinJay's avatar
That's why I don't wanna :rofl:

I'm already into Heros. Actually started a list of all known heros and their powers. I'm a bit behind, thogh. I haven't seen the last three or four episodes before the hiatis. I've got them taped, but just haven't taken the time to watch them. :D
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The last couple of episodes are definitely very well made (Especially when you compare the earlier episodes of the second season.) - good thing you have them taped. :nod:

It took me a bit before I was really into the show. I watched a few episodes here and there, but I didn't get really into it until I was introduced to Sylar. Before the writers allowed us to actually see who Sylar was, I was really intrigued with the character - and he is definitely my favorite now! When I first saw him, I couldn't stop staring at his eyebrows.
Who is your favorite character? :B

I am Such a dork. :lol: Here I am going on about Heroes in my LOST deviation comments. Haha
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Actually, they are in your .:Dharma Shark Pixel:. comments :rofl:

I really like Hiro. I know, I know... he's like the most popular, but I really do like the facination in his spirit at all things new, the look to the future... his vision of what it could be, not what he keeps experiencing :) and of course... all the sci-fi references that seem to come from him. That's another list that I started :lol:
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When I first saw Hiro, I thought he was so adorable. "Flying Man!: He he

I don't see how anyone could watch Heroes and not like him at least a little bit, ya know?

Argh - You really need to watch the last few episodes. I have to stop myself from posting some things so I don't ruin it for you. :lmao:
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Captain-Callahan Traditional Artist
Lol that is cool.

Where do you get your lineart?
I need to get some of a7x.
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I draw all of my own line art. :nod:

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Captain-Callahan Traditional Artist
Wow, think if you ever got the chance you could maybe sketch on of like zacky vengeance or me maybe lolz as a request and get the lineart, i would love to get into pixel art-ing large pieces like that.
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Hmmm, I don't know...
I don't usually pixel people because I'm not that great at it.
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