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Crystal Starlight Glimmer

I know that it has been at least three months since my last upload so allow me to apologize now. Due to schoolwork and the time of the year it felt difficult to find a motive to keep this up. Hopefully I will be showcasing new art pieces in the future to come. 

I've actually had this one on standby for a while now. It started out as a different pose entirely, but once they showcased Starlight's new mane style I had to rethink my approach. Luckily the season 6 premier gave us a crystal form that I really think suits her new character status. Regardless to how most of you felt about her newfound status within the show at first, I look forward to seeing how Starlight gets developed in future entries. 

I do not own this character.
It is property of Hasbro and is used purely for artistic endeavours. 
Please Enjoy. ;) :)
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She's so glittery.
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this is amazing how you did the crystal vector and I could never figure out the rest of starlight's tail as a crystal pony and I really want to know how you do the crystal effects on Adobe Illustrator.
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I'm torn on Starlight myself, but dang does she look good as a Crystal Pony! While I feel she's an incredible villain, I'm skeptical on how she is as a hero, considering how badly her forgiveness was rushed.
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She looks nice as a crystal pony! 
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She looks very lovely in the crystal version, and I love her innocent expression too!
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Very nice. Could you also do Crystal Sunburst?
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So Sparkly and adorable!
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