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United States
Holy damn, I got a new pic up. Pretty DSLR lens reflections in photobooth on my Custom Tangerine MacBook! Unfortunately, 98% of my gallery features pictures not taken with a nice DSLR like the Canon I have got there, so don't think I don't know how to use a camera to a fuller extent.


Current Residence: Southern California
Favourite photographer: Dan Gordon or Haz (its all about the Camera!)
Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard 10.6 Snow Leopard!!!
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 3G[S] (and no I don't listen to MP3's. all ALAC Lossless)
Shell of choice: "Shiny" Green Koopa Troopa (or in a literal sense, the bash Terminal Shell)
Wallpaper of choice: Mac OS X Leopard's aquablue.jpg. Do you realize the awesome in that statement?
Skin of choice: Apple Platinum (OS9)
Personal Quote: "Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFO's and Forced into Weight Loss Programs"
Felt like being nice and adding the warning, don't want to steal 5 minutes from someone's life and not be able to give them back... >.>
If you made it this far at least look at each paragraph and get what they are on, if your interested just take a look.  Or maybe this isn't bad after all and I am just being weird for no reason.  Leave me a comment and tell me thanks!  :D


Well, its been exactly a month since I have updated this thing...  Woot!  Allot has actually been going on...   but why should I type a journal when I can just forget that it exists?  Well, I know that it exists, after all it is on my page all big like right there...

I woke up at 10pm yesterday, drank allot of Tea, and cleaned the kitchen at 1am.  Like, all of it.  Under the microwave detailed.  I have been home alone for the past 2 days, family is coming back later today so that will be over not before long.  Last night was cool because I didn't have to worry about being quiet; I built me a fire and worked on my GT2 for many hours...

As for the GT2, I just got a Carbon Fiber brake disk and new spoked dish rims for it!  I dyed one set of wheels red, but left it in too long and it got really dark.  It's okay though.  I wish MacBook plastic took dye that easily and well, wheels took 10 minutes while Macbook's take 6 hours to dye.  All of you reading this (besides JD) probably don't even know what a GT2 is...  I must get a picture up soon.  JD had a radar speed sign set up down his street, it was dark by the time I got it started (damn batteries), but I did get to clock it with current gearing at 39mph.  I'm sure 40-41 is doable in the day with lean tuning, but the sign was gone before I got a chance to really go at it.  I do however have a special little part that *should* push it into the 60's.  We will see.  ;)

My room is being a mild mess right now, same as it always is but I want to sort some of it out.  Last week I got the Knex that has been piled in the corner for a year out and in a tub (I couldn't just put it all in the tub, there was random crap and broken glass in there).  I will get to it eventually (which unfortunately probably means never :| )

Other things:  I have started using my Twitter account.  The only way I am okay with this is because next to my name it says "Joined over 2 years ago".  When the celebrities and the media got at it, their accounts are anywhere from 4 months to one year at the most.  I joined as a tech enthusiast who saw a project <3 the iconfactory <3 was involved with; a new service that seemed interesting.  I have been wanting one like this for so long; back when Here and Away messages on AIM meant something, I wanted a service similar to that that would keep the updates.  A particular use I wanted was to have live updates of what rollercoaster you are on right this second, and then you could go back after and see in what order you hit up the parks.  Now I realize almost nobody would give a shit (same thing about tweeting what you are eating for breakfast) but its the same concept and a good idea.  I tried to get into RSS, but I just haven't had the drive to run my nice little setup I have.  It's just a much nicer solution using iconfactory's Twitteriffic for me.   Bla bla bla, yes, I know.  I am infinitethrill , so follow me if you've been meaning to follow someone not overwhelming!

I am a night person.  I stay up all night because my body is fucked up.  Not really, its perfectly healthy, just with a schedule that off 8 hours from everyone else's.  Look up DSPS if your REALLY bored.  But it's been strange, I haven't woken up with the sun up for over a week now.  I have woken up every day an hour after sunset...     It's really throwing me off.  I was sick a bit last week so I didn't go outside as much as I usually do, and I have been up all night and sleeping around 11am, just because I have had no reason to exist during the day recently.  Imagine going to sleep and waking up with it still dark...  It would feel like its 5 am or something and no matter what the sun would be up in a few hours anyway, right?  If I didn't see a clock, I would have no way of knowing wether it was 8pm or 6am.  My brain sees, oh shit its 8pm and I just woke up, but your body feels like you just woke up early and have the options of staying up or going to sleep for another hour until the sun is up.  But you wake up (because you can't sleep 24 hours in a row) and go about your business...  But sunrise isn't for another 11 hours.  Yeah.  It's been getting to me.  I have class tuesday so that gives me a reason to stay up today and go to sleep tonight (if I can, thing about DSPS is you could keep yourself up for 30 hours, be so freaking tired all day long, but when it comes around to time to sleep (when you normally wake up), you can't sleep.  Your no longer tired.  So that basically means if you go 24 hours without sleep, your in for the 34 hour ride because you are no longer mentally/physically tired.  Either way, STAYING UP.  It's 9:26am now.  For you and a normal person's day its...  6pm.  Just interesting to think about and what it's like to not have a normal circadian rhythm.

I am downloading a DVD and 24bit Audio of the Henry Fonda Nine Inch Nails show from last month.  Finally I will have the best copy of the show so I can really add it to my collection!  I went through my Documents last week and got everything nice and organized and pretty'd up, so next thing computer wise to go is my Music collection.

My Leatherman Skeletool broke.  I was twisting off a heatsink retainer in a crappy old PC, and one of the pliers' fractured right off.  There is a 25 year warranty on it, so the big upside is I get a brand new tool (and the new model at that) for free.  I may keep it, or sell it and buy the upgraded CX version.  I got the taste of Carbon Fiber with that brake disk, and damn it is nice.  Imagine having that in your knife...   Maybe I just will get it.  :)  I also swapped in my white incipio feather case I got for $5, and they gave me a whole brand new $20 set, even coupons.  Nice!  I am looking at the Juice S2 and Squirt E4 as the next multitool I get.  Not for a long time, but atleast I have the model's picked out.  On the topic of thing's I want to get, the Dell ST2310 widescreen 1080p dvi monitor is up there...  When I have $180 not saved up (I'm going to do a job or sell something, it's not worth saving for) and have the cash in hand I might just get it.  The last batch went into my .18 nitro engine, so a monitor is up next.  

Now really I should stop now, so I will.  If your still here, glad you made it!  Even if I am overestimating my rambling and this is just a sub-normal journal after all.  Or none of you read it and I am just writing this out for me.  Either way works.  :D

Stay Devious makers of the Art of Deviants!

- Billy
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