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WeatherWall version 4 ALPHA screenshot 2 by infinitelove143 WeatherWall version 4 ALPHA screenshot 2 by infinitelove143
WeatherWall is an interface that displays weather data for an entered US zipcode. It's supposed to look like a weather center wall display.

This is screenshot 2 of my work-in-progress version 4. What changed?
*Used new program version to continue updates and changes on
*Removed the rotating needle in the wind displaying wind direction (no longer worked in the new program version). Replaced by moving wind display inside the circle of lights for direction.
*Added wind gust
*Changed all text boxes for weather condition displays to more realistic (for a wall display) LCD displays (2 lines each).
*Added a separate LCD display of 4 lines to serve as a future control panel.
*Fixed bug where not all conditions display clouds (light up the cloud lights) when they need to.
*Fixed a couple weather alert bugs. One includes not displaying all of them and only one (if more than one in effect).
*Changed name of the program from "weather interface" to "WeatherWall".


*Make the LCD display control panel actually act as a control panel and not use input boxes popping up when program loads (to ask for zipcode).
*Change a few of the sounds
*Add a "keyboard" to the wall display for use with the control panel. Eye candy purpose only.
*Maybe create a WeatherWall logo?
*Fix more bugs in the weather alerts system, especially the one where it thinks there was a change in alerts when really there was not.
*Increase update interval from 300 to 600 seconds by default because of free API limitations of Weather Underground. Offer in controls ability to update more frequent if purchased an API key with less limitations.
*Make the program ask for an API key instead of always using my own. (that way people can get their own keys from Weather Underground, either a free one or a pay one).
*Include an "initial testing" function when wall loads (eye candy).
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March 6, 2012
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